The Budding Trend of Pot Tourism

Voters have made recreational marijuana use legal in four states. Three of those states – Colorado, Oregon and Washington – currently have dispensaries that sell cannabis to customers, and Alaska soon will follow.

That situation has led marijuana businesses in those states to try and take advantage of their unique position within the United States. They represent the vanguard of a whole new industry within an industry: marijuana tourism.

Tourist attractions in Colorado and Washington range from “Bud & Breakfast” lodging and marijuana tours to cannabis cooking classes. In a way, the booming industry resembles Napa Valley, but with weed instead of wine.

Some barriers remain. Tourism officials in both Colorado and Washington have so far shied away from including marijuana-related businesses in their brochures on tourist destinations. However, tourist-themed destinations continue to pop up in places such as Denver and Seattle, according to Travel and Leisure.

While many associate the marijuana legalization movement with youth culture, many of them are older.

“Colorado’s cannabis tourists actually tend to skew older,” Jeremy Bamford, who started the Colorado Pot Guide, told Travel and Leisure.

Marijuana Tourist Options

So what can you do if you enjoy partaking of marijuana and want to travel where you can do so without fear of breaking the law. Luckily, businesses provide many options, including:

  • My 420 Tours of Denver offers a four-tour that includes a ride in a party bus, literature on various pot strains, a trip to a dispensary to buy cannabis at discounted prices, a meal at a local tavern and a trip to a marijuana-related art gallery. Cost: about $130.
  • My 420 Tours also offers a $1,000, full weekend trip that includes a cannabis cooking class and two nights at the Crowne Plaza.
  • The Adagio Bud & Breakfast offers a 420 Happy Hour and massages that feature marijuana-infused oils. Visitors may find the deal from the century-old Victorian mansion a good one as many hotels in Colorado including marijuana in the general smoking ban in rooms.
  • Puff Pass Paint art classes that operate like Cocktails and Canvas art parties, except with marijuana.

Colorado Ahead in Pot Tourism

Colorado, where recreational marijuana use first became legal, leads the pack on marijuana tourism. In a recent New York Times article, a host of marijuana tourist-friendly were available.

They included riding to the ski slopes in a charter SUV that allows partaking of cannabis. Visitors can get picked up from the airport in weed-friendly transportation, such as THC Limo.  Another option offers a trek through the mountains with marijuana.

The New York Times called the variety of options “dizzying.”

As the effort to legalize marijuana spreads across the country and more tourist options pop up, expect to have a number of different ways to enjoy a vacation while also enjoying marijuana. The cannabis tourist industry, much like the marijuana industry itself, seems to have a high ceiling and plenty of room for growth.

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