Innovative Las Vegas Company a Leader in Producing Advanced Vaporizers

Of all the trends associated with the legal marijuana movement, none have had the far reaching impact of vaporizers.

A way to enjoy cannabis without igniting it, vaporizing allows people to get all the benefits of marijuana without the smell and the smoke. Once something of a novelty, vaporizers have become a must-have for those who use legal marijuana.

With the rising popularity of vaporizers, many companies have emerged to make their own brand but only a few have been true innovators. Las Vegas-based DaVinci Vaporizer, which owns its own production facility, has earned a well-deserved reputation for pushing the limits of what vaporizers can do.

The company’s high-quality products earned the admiration of not only vaping connoisseurs but the media as well.

“One of those gadgets that could very easily double as a status symbol, like an Apple Watch,” The Cannabist wrote about the company’s latest product, the DaVinci IQ,

How Advanced Vaporizers Work

Vaporizers improve the marijuana experience by heating cannabis to just below its point of combustion, about 392 degrees Fahrenheit. For cannabis users, this provides a number of benefits.

First of all, using a vaporizer gives you much more flavor than burning the material, enhancing the experience.

For another, you get all the benefits of marijuana without any of the risks associated with potentially harmful smoke. And for those who are allergic to smoke, it’s a necessity.

Vaping products have swamped the market in recent years. They include pens, portable vaporizers and larger vaporizers designed for use at home.

Formed in 2011, DaVinci focuses on using innovative technology in portable vaporizers. The company has dedicated itself to “producing premier products which ultimately enhances the user experience,” said Shauntel Ludwig, vice president of operations at DaVinci.

“Vapor connoisseurs everywhere agree that our vaporizers deliver the purest flavor through our innovative technology.”

The Evolution of DaVinci Products

DaVinci Vaping Prodcuts

DaVinci started with the DaVinci Classic, one of the best performing vaporizers on the market.

The Classic features rugged design that is also compact and lightweight. The portable device comes with precise temperature controls, longer battery life and uses the DaVinci’s best-of-breed heating technology. All of this is put together in an affordable package, one of the reasons the DaVinci Classic is among the most popular vaporizers.

The DaVinci Ascent offers a good example of how far vaping technology and design have come. It offers new features that make it more of a luxury item among vaporizers. The Ascent features glass pathways and a stylish design.

The Ascent is pocket-sized and comes in three possible cases: Burl wood, Croc and Stealth. The glass-on-glass vaporizer features a ceramic bowl and temperature controls from zero to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and zero to 221 degrees Celsius.

The Ascent also features an OLED screen that offers information on temperature and battery life, as well as a “ready-to-go” bowl.

Next Level: DaVinci IQ

The latest vaporizer from DaVinci takes the attributes from the Classic and Ascent and raises them to the next level of refinement for a vaporizer.

Using a ceramic zirconia airway, the IQ is a “precision vaporizer” designed to extract the most flavor possible and provide the “purest” vaping experiences possible. The advanced technology allows users to pick from one of four different temperature settings, so they can adjust based on whatever they are using for a particular vaping session.

The IQ, loaded with Smart Path technology, also is app-enabled, which allows users to track usage, control user settings, access to a resource portal and even turn on the IQ using their smartphone.

Not surprisingly given its technological advances, the IQ has met with praise from many different places. Forbes called it “a well-planned, well-designed and smart little vape.” Ink said the “Smart Path Technology and Bluetooth App Integration will make sure they are the master of any session from start to finish.”

The Future of Vaping

New Vaping Products

Innovative companies such as DaVinci point to a bright future for vaporizers. As technology advances and the devices become more sophisticated, consumers will have the chance to further control and improve their vaping sessions.

Advanced vaporizers also are a matter of convenience. As the technology gets more precise and compact, users can carry a vaporizer with them and use it “on the go.” Consumers can expect vaporizers, which already are used by millions in the U.S., to become increasingly advanced and more convenient.

That includes advanced cartridge designs, improved temperature control and a smoother, more flavorful experience.

At DaVinci, the goal remains to continue developing products that push the limits of what a vaporizer can do and improve consumer experience.

“We are an ambitious group of innovators that dedicate ourselves to producing premier products which ultimately enhances the user experience,” said Ludwig, adding, “We pride ourselves in creating intelligent devices with unique features that stand out above all others.”

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