Artisanal Cannabis Products Now Available Online

Today we’re checking out a new retail website offering artisanal cannabis products. It’s called Sava. Think Etsy meets High Times magazine. Sava’s goal is to promote quality health and small business, while helping to introduce the benefits of medical marijuana to a larger audience.

Artisanal Cannabis Products

The idea for Sava occurred to founder, Andrea Brooks after a CBD tincture offered life-changing relief from the systemic nerve damage that had left her in constant pain and unable to get out of bed most days.

“Cannabis helped jump-start my healing process and I had an epiphany,” says Andrea. “I could make it my mission to help others navigate the world of medical marijuana.

Sava offers more than 60 products to customers of legal age with a medical card. The items— from tinctures, edibles and Shea butter to epsom salts—are tastefully packaged and ethically sourced. Like Etsy, Sava allows its independent producers including Outset Edibles, Alchemy by Dark Heart, Flour Child, Treat Yourself and Skyline Boulevard to highlight their artisinal cannabis products in a way that best suits their style.

“Andrea brings a compassionate and knowledgeable approach to providing healthy cannabis products to customers…all from the comfort of their own home,” says Cindy Pinzon, from Treat Yourself, a company that sells vegan Cherry-almond pop-tartlettes, paleo coconut-banana cakes and whipped body butters on Sava. “What sets Andrea apart is she’s just as firmly planted in the tech community. She has successfully incorporated her high standards and values into a beautifully structured online marketplace,” says Leone Posod, Pinzon’s co-founder.

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