Roastar Creates Cannabis Bags That Elevate Products Above The Crowd

The cannabis industry continues to thrive and grow, which is an excellent situation for cannabis consumers who benefit from the variety of product options. But for cannabis companies, it means it’s imperative to focus on having cannabis packaging that makes a product stand out on the dispensary shelf.

Companies have emerged to fill this need in the industry, offering cannabis bags and other packaging products and services. A leader in this area is Roastar, which offers smart cannabis producers the ability to create custom packaging and high-quality cannabis bags for marijuana edibles, flowers or exit packaging. With fast turnaround times and short run capabilities, it’s clear why Roastar leads the industry.

The role of good packaging is hard to overstate, according to Forbes. They note: “Packaging plays a foundational role in reassuring consumers that they are purchasing a legitimate, legal, and safe product, by imparting a consumer experience of familiarity, luxury, and simplicity.”

The Importance of Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging makes the critical first impression for customers. The need for it does not diminish over time. From start-up businesses to a more mature company with an established base of customers, the need for quality packaging remains essential.

For businesses in the cannabis industry, there are unique challenges to packaging. For example, it needs to keep the product fresh in addition to looking attractive. Child safety considerations are a must. And because regulations can change state-by-state, it’s important to have flexibility in design and production for cannabis packaging.

And good cannabis bag and packaging companies always keep an eye on design. While the technical reason for packaging is to safely contain the product, marketers will tell you that in certain respects, the packaging is the product. It directly influences how customers view your company.

What Roastar Offers Cannabis Businesses

Roastar has worked in the cannabis packaging business for years. The company specializes in making custom-printed, top-shelf bags for both small and large businesses.

One of the differences with Roastar is that the company gives clients the ability to design their own packages, allowing them to create bold, custom cannabis dispensary packaging. Packaging styles and features the company offers include:

  • One-time use or resealable flat pouches
  • Stand-up pouches with zippers
  • Gusseted bags
  • Flat pouches
  • Resealable bag tape
  • Printed rollstock
  • Windows and hang holes to display products at prime eye-level placement

The Ordering Process

Roastar also offers a method for ordering that allows businesses to use their own design and quickly get bags created by Roastar.

The process begins with a free quote you can get by contacting Roastar, which will include picking the type and size of bag, as well as the material to be used. Clients can either pick from templates offered by Roastar or allow designers affiliated with the company to give them design options. If they have their own design, clients can upload them to the Roastar account.

Roastar creates the packaging based on the chosen design. Clients then can review either a digital or physical proof to ensure if meets their expectations.

What Makes Roastar Different

In a market where their clients face competition for cannabis consumers, Roastar faces competition of its own for providing cannabis packaging. They’ve excelled by offering products and services that stand out from the pack.

For example, every bag from Roastar is tear resistant and is made with smell-proof material and a child safety zipper. They also are developing a Secure and Stash bag that is a “grip and rip” style bag. Other reasons for Roastar’s success in the custom cannabis packaging field include:

  • Low minimum orders
  • Fast turnarounds on orders
  • Press proofs, which many clients want instead of just a digital proof
  • No tooling charges or setup fees
  • Variable data printing (meaning they can custom print a series of bags where each one is different)

For cannabis companies, the emergence of creative cannabis packaging companies such as Roastar gives them another way to differentiate their product from the one next to it on the dispensary shelf. That’s a huge advantage in a cannabis market that is only expected to grow.

This content was sponsored by Roastar, specializing in top-shelf cannabis bags for top-shelf product.

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