Company Takes Hemp-Derived Product Development To A Higher Level

Once illegal at the federal level, hemp is now becoming part of the health and wellness regimen for millions of Americans. The times have changed so quickly – and the medical benefits have become so plentiful – that the number of people using hemp-derived products is expected to continue growing fast.

Most of the interest is focused on hemp-derived CBD products. Consumers already are searching for companies that can offer a wide range of products. They also want a company that has a high level of sophistication and a commitment to sustainability in the creation of their products.

Few companies manage to achieve both. However, Core CBD has emerged as a leader in this area, offering both a wide selection of products and a high level of refinement in how they develop what they sell.

Why CBD?

Core CBD ProductsEven people who don’t know what CBD is probably have at least seen the term. The popularity of CBD exploded in 2019 after Congress, in late 2018, passed legalization of hemp as part of the Farm Bill.

CBD is one of the chemical ingredients that occur naturally in hemp. It’s not to be mistaken for THC, which is the chemical in cannabis that causes the “high.” Rather, CBD is associated with a multitude of health benefits.

Studies on the issue are underway around the world. But CBD already has been known to help fight pain, inflammation and even anxiety and the effects of depression. The federal government also has approved a CBD-infused drug that allows for the treatment of seizures associated with epilepsy. It’s a powerful new wellness product for the market.

Core CBD: Rigorous Testing, Big Variety

Core CBD Hemp OilCore CBD set out from the start to only develop products that had passed rigorous testing measures. That commitment is demonstrated by the fact the company post lab reports on its products on its website. Lab results can also be accessed through a product label QR code.

The company continues to only offer products that have undergone rigorous testing. This step alone sets them apart from other companies, building a level of trust with consumers. The product lineup is also large. Core CBD offers:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Cosmetics
  • Capsules
  • Vape
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Pet Products

They have products that include oil, gel, lotions, and edibles such as gummies. The company also offers unique CBD products for dogs (peanut butter flavored CBD treats) and cats (salmon flavored CBD oil).

All the products are made in the United States. The company offers “scientific thoroughness and homegrown pride,” according to the Core CBD website. The company makes its products using hemp grown in Colorado, Kentucky and Northern California.

Standing Out In a Crowded Field

Companies such as Core CBD stand out because of the strong product line and the commitment to testing and research on its products. But there are other areas where Core CBD is raising the level in their industry.

Full Spectrum. The company offers full spectrum CBD products. That means they use all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant so that the body will not build up a tolerance for its positive effects.

High Clean Room Standards. Clean rooms are used by quality companies to eliminate any contaminants from entering a product. Core CBD uses an ISO 6 cleanroom, the highest standard for eliminating airborne particles.

Meets FDA guidelines. All Core CBD products are made according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice, which are formal guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration regarding design, monitoring, control, and maintenance of manufacturing processes and facilities.

Third-Party Testing. The extensive testing that Core CBD does on its products is handled by a third-party lab outside of the organization. Core CBD believes that “third-party testing should be the standard for all CBD manufacturers.”

Core CBD offers an excellent example of a company that has both exacting standards for its operation and a wide variety of high-quality products to offer consumers. The company continues to distinguish itself by making quality a priority. It’s an approach that discerning CBD consumers are searching for in their CBD products.

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