Traveling with Cannabis

As cannabis is legalized in more states and countries around the world for both medical and recreational use, traveling with cannabis is becoming a lot easier. Airlines and railways in Canada allow travelers to possess certain quantities of cannabis in their checked or carry-on bags. Crossing the border or state-lines (even if both states have legalized cannabis) in the US still remains illegal but many presidential candidates for the upcoming election have made promises to change this. Cannabis use is becoming more frequently accepted at outdoor concerts, festivals, and parks across the world as well.

The laws around traveling with cannabis in your vehicle vary from state to state. For example; in Alaska, Michigan, Vermont, and Washington, cannabis must be kept in a sealed container in the trunk. Most other states only require cannabis to be in a sealed container. It would be wise to treat your cannabis like alcohol since that is where most of these regulations were taken from. As NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano pointed out, “So much of the regulation policy for cannabis is done through the filter of alcohol regulation.”

Modern Designs Aimed to Make Travel Easy

Cannabis Travel AccessoriesOne company aiming to provide innovative solutions for traveling with cannabis is Wolf Grinders. They started out in 2017 by creating the “Combo-Crusher” which has been deemed the swiss-army knife of grinders. It was designed for hikers, campers, and all other outdoorsy cannabis enthusiasts in mind. It functions as a grinder, lighter holster, bottle opener, and a removable pipe with a quartz glass bowl.

Since then they’ve introduced other patented accessories to the market that all focus on being travel friendly in one way or another. Most note-worthy being the Scorpion Pipe. The Scorpion Pipe utilizes a folding stem, swivel cover, and series of magnets to become pocket friendly, and very discreet when not in use. The pipe is quickly becoming a favourite among festival and concert goers as well as hikers, campers, and other on-the-go users.

Functionality as a Focus

What sets Wolf Grinders apart from the competition is the functionality of their products. They have a philosophy of starting with a problem surrounding traveling with your cannabis and exploring every design option that might help solve the issue. Some design features included in their product line so far include; smell-proof and pocket-friendly pipes, multi-function use accessories, and lockable smell-proof cases.

All of Wolf Grinders pipe designs include a quartz glass bowl held in place and sealed by a heat-resistant silicone band. The aircraft grade (T6 6061) aluminum body of the pipes offer

long-lasting durability, while the removable quartz glass bowls offer a smooth, good-tasting hit and much easier cleaning then a traditional glass pipe. Built-in poker tools (pick-pieces) are also included in all 4 of their pipe models for added convenience.

Travel Further Soon

With cannabis regulations quickly changing around the world, Wolf Grinders is betting that more people are going to need travel friendly accessories soon. Medical cannabis has become an option in many countries, including the UK, Germany, and Australia to name a few, and as we’ve seen in Canada and the US, recreational acceptance typically follows this. It seems that boarding a cross-continental flight, or crossing federal borders with cannabis may be a legal option sooner than we had once thought!

In a crowded market-place for accessories, Wolf Grinders intends to stand-out by remaining focused on offering the travel-friendly options for the on-the-go cannabis users.

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