This California Company Offers Example of Growing Sophistication in the Cannabis Industry

Much as the image of the typical cannabis user has changed from “stoner sitting on the couch” to productive professionals, so has the image of the companies that provide cannabis products to consumers.

And like the image of consumers, it’s based on facts.

Cannabis has become a multi-billion industry. Competition is fierce and everyone is looking for a marketing edge. That’s why words such as “exclusive,” “luxury” and “high-end” are batted around a lot these days when it comes to cannabis products and services.

Not every supplier meets those levels, of course. But a few have emerged as leaders in the industry.

One of those provides a perfect example of the professional, sophisticated approach that can be taken towards the cannabis product supply chain: Kush Supply Co.

Kush Supply Co. Grows with Industry

Kush Supply Co.’s success speaks for itself. Headquartered in Orange County, California, the company has expanded to offices in Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts and Canada. They provide service to thousands of growers, processors, producers, and locations around the country. They also have the largest sales force in the industry, with boots on the ground in every regulated state.

An aspect of the business that immediately stands out is that KushCo, the parent company of both Kush Supply Co. and subsidiary Kush Energy, focuses exclusively on the cannabis industry. This is not an industrial gas or packaging company that dabbles in cannabis. This is all they do.

Among the company’s many offerings are everything a cannabis business needs to create premium vape and concentrate products, as well as the packaging for the product. Alongside value-added services like printing & labeling, logo creation, and more, Kush Supply Co. products include:

  • Gas and solvents (through Kush Energy)
  • Vaporizer hardware
  • Jars and containers for concentrates
  • Natural products
  • Product branding and packaging

Kush Supply Co. has made itself into a “one-stop shop” for branding, packaging, supplies, logistics and vape hardware. Here’s a closer look at what they do.

Premium Vape Hardware

Kush Supply Co. works with companies at different stages of the supply chain. This includes cultivators, manufacturers and distributors. A good example of an area where Kush Supply Co. meets these business’ demand is with vape hardware.

Vaping involves using a vaporizer to heat cannabis oil to just below the combustion point, then inhaling the resulting stream of vapors. There is intense competition to build the best vapes possible. While each company makes their own unique products, it starts with the best hardware.

Kush Supply Co. offers companies the chance to create vaporizers that not only provide users a great experience, but also last over time. They’ve reached this goal by offering CCELL vape hardware.

Why is that a big deal? Because CCELL offers a ceramic heating element that does not deteriorate with use. It also can handle high natural product profile extracts. It’s the high-end hardware that vaporizer companies need to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Extraction, Concentrates and Natural Products

Concentrates are created through the processing of cannabis and extraction of cannabinoids and natural products. Excess plant material and impurities also are removed.  The resulting concentrates are used in a variety of products, including oils and edibles.

More businesses are moving into these areas as consumer demand grows. But along with the opportunities are potential pitfalls with poor quality equipment, gas and solvents needed to make the best products.

Kush Energy and Kush Supply Co. offer all the above. Also, they are made exclusively for cannabis extraction.

In the competitive cannabis industry, companies know that purity of solvents results in a cleaner end-product. No matter how good the original flower is, there’s a possibility that corrosion in tanks or other contaminants can lessen the quality of extracts.

Tanks offered through Kush Supply Co. are stainless steel and pre-cleaned, which all but eliminates the chance of contaminants. The company also works exclusively with the cannabis industry and understands the specific issues they face in terms of logistics and supply chain.

The same approach is taken to solvents, with Kush Energy partnering only with companies that operate exclusively within the regulated cannabis and CBD industries.

They also offer natural products that are 100% pure. Kush partners with Abstrax Tech, a company that can provide customized natural products to provide the flavor profile requested by clients. The natural products are completely organic, twice-distilled and sourced from plants around the globe.

Packaging and Branding

Kush Supply Co. provides the jars and packaging needed for cannabis products. But that one sentence encompasses a lot of different services and skills. For example, Kush Supply Co.:

  • Can package every product differently
  • Stays on top of regional product trends because of its presence in all the major cannabis markets
  • Packages products so they meet regulations in every state (which can vary widely and change swiftly)
  • Understands that packaging differentiation is the key as it remains the primary marketing channel to reach consumers
  • Can provide various levels of branding and packaging from logos placed on products to “hyper custom” branded packaging solutions

That overview offers a picture of where things are headed in the cannabis industry. No longer the province of fly-by-night operators or tiny mom and pop stores, cannabis has reached a level where sophisticated companies such as Kush Supply Co. are needed to elevate products above the competition.

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