Nuvata Committed to Creating Trust, Transparency With High-Quality Vaporizing Products

Trust is something of great importance to cannabis consumers. As more places around the country legalize cannabis, the smartest companies create ways to offer the best products while also making connections with consumers that foster transparency.

One such company is Nuvata, the California company that operates with three core values. The company believes:

  • Cannabis can bring wellness, mindfulness and fun to people’s lives
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion are essential to human well-being
  • In developing quality products that look, feel and taste wonderful

Such simplicity and clarity in purpose from a cannabis company is especially important in a marketplace where black market products continue to prove dangerous to user’s health. The premium vaporizers offered through Nuvata give customers the peace of mind that they are using a safe, tested and high-quality product.

But Nuvata doesn’t stop there. The company has committed to research into the terpenes found in cannabis and how they can be used to create different effects that enhance a user’s body and mind. They’ve also become part of a program to ensure trust between consumers and cannabis companies.

Driven By Plant Chemistry and Deep Research

Nuvata makes a point on all its web pages and in public pronouncements that cannabis research is what drives the development of its products. The company has compiled decades of research in cannabinoids and terpenes associated with various cannabis strains.

The company works with chemists and has moved beyond classifying marijuana as either Indica or Sativa. Instead, the company takes a more finely grained approach, looking at the detailed chemical composition of each plant and understanding the “entourage effect” of combining these compositions in different ways.

This not only refines the experiences of each product offered by Nuvata but also provides consumers with a reliable, consistent experience. That’s something not all cannabis companies can offer.

Details on Nuvata Product Experiences

The experience of each product has become so refined that Nuvata breaks them down into major categories. They are as follows.

  • Full Mind, which fuels your creativity.
  • Mind dominant, which energizes.
  • Mind balance, which balances your energy
  • Body balance, which engages your body
  • Body dominant, which is restorative
  • Full body, which amplifies your sensations

Nuvata has used this approach to create the Mind Body series of vaporizers that offer terpene-rich, naturally flavored cannabis oil that has high THC levels and “complimenting CBD levels for optimum balance.”

Fashionable Vaporizers

All the above factors into the creation of the cannabis product. But Nuvata also has taken great care with developing the vaporizers through which that product is delivered.

Nuvata’s vaporizers are created with the idea that they should make it “simple and easy for you to enjoy the wellness, mindfulness, and fun that cannabis can bring to life.” The vaporizer design shows that focus. Each is practical and efficient but also designed to be fashionable (the Mind Body series comes in six different colors) and compact.

Vaporizers are designed for quick and easy use, allowing consumers to inconspicuously enjoy their cannabis without worrying about logistics or being stigmatized for using cannabis.

Lucid Green Rewards Program

Nuvata also offers a rewards program called Lucid Green, which fosters transparency and creates trust in the cannabis industry by forging a direct connection with customers. Taking advantage of the program involves just five easy steps.

  1. 1. Download the Lucid Green app.
  2. 2. Sign up for the program to redeem your rewards
  3. Scan the QR code on the Nuvata product box to collect a token
  4. Scan all your Nuvata purchases to get discounts, free products, merchandise and more
  5. Tag Nuvata on social media

Few vape companies can offer the combination of quality products, intensive research, and transparency that Nuvata offers its customers. Combined with the ease of use and attractive design of its products, Nuvata offers what many legal cannabis consumers are seeking.

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