Should Medical Marijuana Be Given To Dogs? One State Set To Decide

It’s only taken a year of legalization for hemp-derived CBD products to hit shelves across the country, including products for pet owners to use with their dogs. Now one state is considering a related question: If CBD is OK, should medical marijuana also be allowed for use with dogs?

A New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board has been asked to answer that question, which might happen as soon as the board’s next meeting in December.

One area the board is expected to consider is the use of medical marijuana for dogs with epilepsy. Treatment of epileptic seizures is already one of the 27 conditions that the state allows medical marijuana to be used with humans, according to the Las Cruces Sun News.

Vet CBD Among Best-Known Brands

CBD products have become increasingly popular with pet owners. One of the best-known companies is Vet CBD, which makes CBD products designed to treat issues such as anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain in dogs.

Pet owners have reported a reduction in seizures using CBD, as well as increasing a dog’s ability to enjoy activities such as swimming when they have been dealing with pain. Recently, the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine announced it will investigate what CBD can do to treat symptoms of joint immobility in dogs.

Medical marijuana is a potential next step. CBD is cannabidiol, a chemical ingredient in hemp and cannabis that does not cause the “high.” Medical marijuana typically contains some level of THC, which does.

The Argument For Medical Marijuana For Dogs

No state has yet to explicitly allow medical marijuana use for dogs, according to the Sun News, although both New York and California have considered allowing veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis for pets.

The New Mexico advisory board is set to consider the issue after a petition from a state resident. According to the petitioner, allowing medical marijuana use with dogs and other pets would give veterinarians another tool to use to improve the health of animals under their care.

A regulated system also would keep people from using marijuana to treat pets in their own way, potentially minimizing the danger of animal abuse.

The New Mexico Department of Health tracks use of medical marijuana in the state. Currently, there are 78,362 patients who use medical marijuana for 27 different approved conditions. The conditions with the most participants are as followings.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder – 40,103
  • Severe chronic pain – 26,088
  • Cancer – 4,133
  • Painful Peripheral Neuropathy  – 1,700

New Mexico officials have decided to extend the period during which the public can make comments on any proposed changes to medical marijuana laws, including the possibility of allowing medical marijuana use with pets.

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