California Company Creates Cannabis Products Designed For LGBT Community

Pride Wellness has quickly become known in the cannabis market because of its founders, two transgender men. The company prides itself on being the “first and only LGBT identified cannabis influencers on the market.”

Pride Wellness focuses on creating products that address medical ailments prevalent to people in the LGBT community. But that’s just one aspect of the company. Pride Wellness founders Buck Angel and Leon Mostovoy both are committed to creating high-quality products that support general community wellness and health.

They’ve designed products that retailers with LGBT customers are increasingly interested in stocking. The Pride Wellness products, designed in partnership with a chemist, are specifically developed to help consumers handle conditions such as mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties, addiction, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses and pain conditions.

Their commitment is demonstrated by their decision to support the Los Angeles LGBT Center Senior Service Department. For every product sold, Pride Wellness donates $1 to help LGBTQ low-income and homeless seniors get housing. They already have donated more than $9,000.

What Pride Wellness Products Bring to the Table

While Pride Wellness has a unique story about its founding, the differences don’t stop there. The company is committed to promoting natural alternatives to “prescribed narcotics.” Pride Wellness points to several factors that set their products apart from other brands.


Pride Wellness is a Greenstone Brand. The flowers used by the company are cultivated by award-winning Honeydew Farms. All manufacturing and distribution go through Greenstone. , which “make our products connected with the two of the best quality cannabis companies on the market,” said Mostovoy.

Price Point

Pre-rolled products are 1.2 grams and test for over 25% THC for only $4.50 wholesale. Pre-rolls with concentrate are $6.50 wholesale. Both provide high quality and a good price point for retailers and consumers.

The Company’s Founders

Both Mostovoy and Angel are transgender men who have been LGBTQ community activists for more than 30 years. The two saw early on that cannabis would become a big business and wanted to help their community get involved.

A page dedicated to telling Angel’s story offers details on how he has created products specifically for the transgender community, including the first lubricant to support trans male vaginal health. His Buck Angel Entertainment company has produced trans male sexual wellness products and films since 2002.

Angel also has appeared on many different shows and media outlets, including HBO, National Geographic, Netflix, The Tyra Banks Show, Dan Savage, AOL, Spike TV, The Women’s Entertainment Network, Howard Stern Show, Much Music and Sirius Radio.

Pride Wellness Products

Pride Wellness offers a variety of cannabis products. They include the following.

  • Flower Jar. The  1/8 Pride flower jars from Pride Wellness come from top plants. Customers pick from Indica, Sativa and/or a Hybrid.
  • Flower Pre-Roll. These contain 1.2 grams of flower and also are available in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. The company offers Pre-roll “Flower + Kief” that has 23.60% THC mixed with high-quality Kief.
  • Buck’s Balm. This balm is infused with 150 milligrams of Hemp CBD and is for use “on all your body parts, temples to toes.”.

The company also offers a lineup of cool gear, including “Gay Weed” and “Pride Wellness” T-shirts.

Angel and Mostovoy report on their website that their journey into the cannabis industry began with a 2015 conversation about the use of CBD to help dogs. That expanded as they spoke to members of the LGBT community, especially seniors, about ailments they suffered from.

By focusing on the needs of the LGBT community, Pride Wellness has quickly carved out a niche in the cannabis industry. They’ve also remained committed activists who have used their business success to support members of their community.

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