CBD Company Merges High-Quality Hemp With Advanced Medical Research

CBD products have emerged in the past year as one of the biggest areas of growth for the medical cannabis industry. With the nationwide legalization of hemp-derived products approved last year by Congress, many companies have started getting creative in the type of products they offer.

One of the companies that have emerged is Every Day Optimal, which offers a variety of CBD oil products that contain no THC, the chemical ingredient in cannabis that causes the “high.”

With CBD products, the goal is to promote wellness and good health. Every Day Optimal distinguishes itself by developing its products using hemp that does not contain heavy metal, pesticides or any type of contaminant.

They also have taken steps not made by others in the industry, including working directly with physicians in product development and partnering with third-party laboratories to test their products.

Why CBD Products Are On the Rise

The interest in CBD was around long before the decision by Congress. Advocates have argued that CBD can provide health benefits in many different areas. Some of those areas include:

  • Managing pain
  • Controlling nausea
  • As a sleep aid
  • After exercise to replenish the body
  • To better manage anxiety and depression

Studies in recent years have backed up many of these claims. A CBD drug has been approved by the federal government to help reduce the number and intensity of seizures for those with epilepsy. Also, the state of Pennsylvania recently approved the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of anxiety, pointing out that CBD products have the best results for patients.

Clearly, CBD has emerged as a legitimate option for wellness and health. That’s why consumers have seen so many products enter the market in the past year.

Every Day Optimal Difference

In 2016, Every Day Optimal founders Alex Gould and Frederik Drejfald decided to find farmers in Colorado who wanted to grow “high CBD and low THC” cannabis. They felt that CBD derived from the highest quality of hemp would make a difference in the products they wanted to offer.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil TinctureThat has turned out to be the case. The company now partners with industry-leading farmers across the nation who are dedicated to growing CBD-rich hemp of the highest quality. Starting with high-end hemp has helped the company create some of the most effective and popular products on the market.

To further ensure high quality, the company works with two physicians – Dr. Victor Chou and Dr. Jack Isler – on developing their products. They also get their products tested by third-party labs to ensure that each batch is free of THC.

They’ve recently added three new products that showcase the company’s commitment to quality and provide excellent examples of what CBD products can do.

CBD Dog BiscuitsEvery Day Optimal CBD for Dogs

Yes, that’s right, even your dog can benefit from the wellness qualities of CBD! Many pet owners have discovered that CBD products can help their dogs deal with the same issues as humans, including anxiety, pain management, stress, sleep issues, and inflammation.

Every Day Optimal combines 10mg of CBD into each dog biscuit with human-grade chicken meal, pork meal, and pea protein to create a healthy treat that can help owners make their pets healthier and happier. The product also is 99.99% pure CBD – no THC in these delicious dog biscuits.

Pain Cream

As noted above, pain is one of the major medical conditions that CBD products can treat. This 300 mg CBD pain cream from Every Day Optimal combines CBD from high-quality hemp with moisturizing cream, then enriches it with turmeric, copaiba and arnica.

The topical cream is applied directly to the area where you are experiencing pain and discomfort. It immediately begins a cooling and soothing effect on the painful area by getting absorbed through the skin.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

What is broad spectrum? It refers to a type of CBD oil that contains a spectrum of substances found in cannabis, including CBD, terpenes, and nutrients. Taken together, these ingredients provide what is known as the “entourage effect” – working together to provide a “whole plant” effectiveness CBD products.

Every Day Optimal CBD CocktailsThe broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures created by Every Day Optimal include:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. Contains a “full array of hemp cannabinoids” but does not include THC
  • Organic Hemp Oil. This is rich in omega 3s, antioxidants, minerals and the polyunsaturated fatty acids that can lower cholesterol.
  • Grape Seed Oil: Heart-healthy fat that contains the antioxidant vitamin E and can also lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation.
  • Fractionated MCT Oil: A vegan, coconut-derived oil that can reduce appetite and may lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

These latest products show how versatile CBD can be in terms of how it is used in various products. Every Day Optimal is an excellent example of a company that is working directly with the latest information from medical research, as well as with physicians, to create CBD products that give consumers high-quality options.

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