Tips For Your First Trip to a Cannabis Dispensary

With legalization spreading across the United States, many people find themselves in the position of wanting to make their first trip to a cannabis dispensary. For newbies, the idea of walking into a dispensary might seem intimidating. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Dispensaries are like any other retail shop, with friendly staff ready to help you make your choice. And the best dispensaries put a lot of emphasis on providing excellent customer service.

You can find the right cannabis dispensary by checking out an online dispensary marketplace. Most dispensaries also have websites that you can find by searching for dispensaries in your local area. When you go, keep these issues in mind:

  • Bring an ID
  • Bring Your Medical Marijuana Card
  • Bring Cash
  • Check out the menu beforehand
  • Ask questions
  • Have it delivered or pick it up

More detail on these tips follows below.

Your First Trip to a Cannabis Dispensary

Relax. This is going to be enjoyable and memorable if you just take a little time to prepare. The following is a short overview of things to remember before you leave and once you arrive for your first trip to a dispensary.

Bring An ID

Your trip to the dispensary will end before it starts if you don’t have a government-issued ID with your photo on it. You’ll need to prove you are of legal age to purchase cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Bring Your Medical Marijuana Card

If your state has a medical marijuana program and you are enrolled, make sure to bring your medical marijuana card to verify you are in the program. This is essential in states with legal medical marijuana but no legal recreational marijuana.

Bring Cash

Until federal rules on banking change, most dispensaries still deal primarily in cash. Call ahead to see what forms of payment they accept, but bring cash as a backup, just in case. Sometimes machines go down and you don’t want to have to come back another time.

Check Out the Menu Beforehand

Like most modern restaurants, cannabis dispensaries often list what products they have available in online marketplaces. Look at the menu ahead of time and narrow down what you want to purchase. You’ll typically have many options, including flower, tinctures, edibles and concentrates. If you know exactly what you want, call in advance to make sure it’s in stock.

Ask Questions

Everyone has their first time. Dispensary staff see people just like you on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions about strains or any other issue, no matter how basic. It’s the job of budtenders to help people sort out their options and pick what’s best for the experience they want. Just make sure you tip them for their service, as you would a good bartender.

Get It Delivered or Schedule a Pickup

Depending on where you live, you might have the option of having cannabis delivered or available via curbside pickup. While you won’t get the pleasure of browsing around the dispensary, you will save a ton of time. You may also have the option of purchasing online.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can make your first trip to a cannabis dispensary a fun time. There’s no need to feel stressed or intimidated. Just relax and realize that with legal marijuana, people are on hand to help guide you to the right choice.

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