Australia’s Plans to Legally Grow Marijuana

First things first, the Australians spell legalize “legalise.”  It’s just the British variant of the verb, according to Webster’s, but it means the same thing.  Now that we’ve cleared that up…

Australia Plans to Legally Grow Marijuana

Australia has recently announced plans to cultivate marijuana under a strict government approved supply chain and with stringent regulations for research and medicinal use.  There are no plans to legalize (or legalise) marijuana for recreational use.  It will remain classified as an illicit drug indefinitely in the land down under.

Medicinal use advocates cite compassion for those suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses as reason to expedite some kind of amnesty for cannabis use amongst those afflicted while details of Australia’s plans are worked out.

“This government is incredibly sympathetic to the suffering of those Australians with debilitating illnesses and we want to enable access to the most effective medical treatments available…” read more here from REUTERS.

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