Stories Evangelizing the Health Benefits of Pot for Children

Stories evangelizing the health benefits of pot continue to emerge as patients and their loved ones share experiences.

In this story, one father says that a “non-psychoactive cannabidiol found in marijuana” is the only thing that has offered relief to his 6 year old who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy.

Meet the Children to Rely on Marijuana to Survive features a special marijuana strain that’s been known to treat seizures and is improving the quality of life for many children in seemingly miraculous ways.  Dubbed “Charlotte’s Web” and developed by this health care group, there are now more than 100 children on the waiting list to receive it.

Health Benefits of Pot for Children

Many of these cases have also been featured Gupta’s Weed documentaries.  All are helping push for research to document the benefits of medicinal marijuana, particularly in youngsters.  It’s important to note that children do not smoke and most often ingest in oil or pill form.  Also, strains like Charlotte’s Web lack the psychoactive ingredients that recreational pot smokers attribute to getting high.

After a review of Gupta’s reporting and in getting up to speed with these families’ stories above, it’s amazing that more hasn’t been done in mainstream healthcare to study the effectiveness of cannabis.  Since the government has grouped marijuana in with drugs like heroine and meth, more resources have been allocated to fighting marijuana use as a crime than in studying what could be a breakthrough alternative to pricey pharmaceuticals with often unknown side effects of their own.

Parents’ stories of medicinal marijuana for their children are becoming more prevalent, which may help garner the attention needed to research and document cases for the medical community.

As of today, according to the U.S. government, marijuana is still an illegal narcotic.


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