What Are The Best Cannabis Infused Dishes?

The best cannabis-infused dishes depend on your personal taste. However, some of the most popular include entrees and desserts such as chicken cacciatore, marijuana pizza, triple-baked cannabis potatoes, weed popsicles, and latkes.

These don’t include the many popular edibles on the market (more on that in a couple of paragraphs).

With the use of cannabis-infused oils, cannabutter and other cannabis basic ingredients, it’s possible to make more meals than ever using marijuana. That’s why so many cannabis-infused dishes turn up on restaurant menus.

Here’s a look at five of the best that you can cook at home, with links to recipes. But first, a word on cannabis edibles.

Cannabis Edibles

The cannabis edibles market is exploding. Along with vaping and CBD, marijuana-infused edibles are the products that are driving huge growth in the industry. Some people simply prefer eating their cannabis rather than smoking it. The most popular choices typically are gummies, although you can also get chocolates, nuts, hard candies and even infused water.

Cannabis-Infused Dishes

When it comes to more complex cannabis-infused dishes, there is almost an unlimited amount of choices. You can get marijuana with THC or CBD (which doesn’t include the chemical that gets you high) by purchasing cooking ingredients that have been infused, such as cannabis cooking oil or butter.

Some of the intriguing dishes include the following.

Marijuana Pizza

If you are making your own pizza dough, you can take the olive oil you would use in making the dough and infuse it with ground marijuana flower (it should be finely ground, not a powder). The toppings are whatever you usually like. With this one, you both give yourself the munchies and satisfying the munchies in one step!

Chicken Cacciatore

This one comes via a 91-year-old grandma who loves to cook Italian food and also likes to incorporate cannabis. Her chicken cacciatore – she calls it “chicken pot-cciatore” – involves using cannabis butter when making the dish, which also features onions, cremini mushrooms, and black and green olives.

Rosemary Cannabis Mashed Potatoes

This is another way of taking a great dish – mashed potatoes are always a good thing – and adding something special. In this case, you simply mash a half cup of cannamilk and four tablespoons of cannabutter with four cubed and cooked potatoes. Then, you add the rosemary and you’re ready to roll.

Weed Popsicles

This is an easy beginner’s recipe but it’s a great sweet treat. Simply take some mangos, frozen vanilla yogurt, sugar, coconut and cannabis-infused coconut oil. Blend it all together, put them into the freezer in popsicle molds and, in just a short time, you have popsicles ready to go.

Potato Latkes

Latkes are wonderful potato pancakes that have been around for centuries, especially in German and Austrian cuisine. You can make delicious latkes for your next breakfast using cannabis-infused canola oil.

Those are a handful of some of the best cannabis-infused dishes you can easily make on your own or order in a restaurant. Each provides a great-tasting dish, with a little bit of something extra.

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