The Best Wholesale Pre-rolled Cones for Stores in 2022

The pandemic has caused a lot of issues, but with that a lot of gains for the marijuana community. Access and interest in many smoking accessories and products has increased since 2019. Pre-rolled cones are now one of the most preferred and very best ways to smoke marijuana. 

In 2022, using preroll cones are on the rise as everybody can use them from beginners to experienced users. Buying pre-rolled cones is easy and whether an avid smoker or a store front, getting these pre-rolled cones at a great wholesale price is absolutely for everyone!

A Popular Rolling Paper Alternative

King Palm uses all natural and organic Cordia palm leaves. Currently, they are on the rise as the favored and healthy alternative to traditionally used tobacco filled wraps and cones. King Palm themselves are not affected by any shortages due to their sustainable product and business. Following King Palm is easy through their Instagram. With over 348,000 followers, their Cordia palm leaves are an absolute hit in the cannabis smoking community!

King Palm began in 2016, when they decided to be the front-runner in natural smoking products. Brining mankind back to their ancestral roots by using palm leaves for wraps when smoking cannabis. Smoking with palm leaves can be dated to the 10th century. There are even mural depictions from the Mayan civilization showcasing smoking from what appears to be a palm leaf.

Through-out history smoking with palm leaves was popular until the modern era began. In the more recent 150 years, smoking with tobacco laden chemical filled products began. Changing mankind’s adaptation to a more addicted and reliant state. King Palm has decided to challenge that, by bringing back the natural and better way of life.

Benefits of Natural Pre-rolled Cones

There are only positives when using King Palm pre-rolled cones. In fact, these leaves provide a service not just to people but to the environment as well. King Palm has a mission and that is clear, it is to create natural and sustainable smoking products that are good for the consumer and the Earth. Here, we will list out a few of the benefits from smoking with King Palm.

  • Ethically Sourced – King Palm wraps and pre-rolls come from the leaves of the Cordia palm tree. They are plucked from the tree, which does not harm it and then more leaves grow back quickly. This creates an insanely sustainable crop and yield for the Cordia palm tree harvests.
  • Made From All Natural Materials – These Cordia leaves are all natural. This means that there are no glues, dyes, additives, or harsh chemicals introduced to the process of creating wraps and rolls. To top it off, they are entirely tobacco free. 
  • Pre-rolled King Palm Cones and Wraps Save Time – Life is busy! Everything, everyday seems like it can be rushing and overwhelming at times. Then, finally, there is the time to relax and smoke. What better way to make that happen than with a pre-rolled cone? These bad boys are available in 7-11’s, cigar shops, and other convenience stores across the world. A quick stop and go will give any smoker the ability to reach their end goal faster and with less stress.
  • Smooth Smoking Experience – King Palm pre-rolled cones and wraps offer something that no other brand does. That is a smooth and slow burn when smoking a properly packed cone. The pre-roll packs come with an organic bamboo packing stick and a cornhusk filter tip. The cornhusk filter tip provides a cooling effect when inhaling the smoke, keeping everything effortless and lovely.
  • Hand Rolled – These pre-rolled cones are hand picked, hand washed, and hand rolled. Each is inspected before packaging to make sure they are perfect! They are then sealed in a packet with a hydrating moisture packet. This assures complete and utter freshness.

All the Flavors, Sizes, and Terpene Infused Tips

The taste of a smooth burning pre-rolled cone with fantastic marijuana strains can be made all the better with the addition of flavors. A new and advanced technology brought in by King Palm includes the terpene infused flavor tips. A simple squeeze towards the end of the roll where the filter lies will create a pop. Once the pop occurs a delightful taste of magic will work its way through the smoke with each inhale. These enticing flavored pre-rolled cones come in; Banana Cream, Berry Terps, Magic Mint, Watermelon Wave, Lemon Haze, Mango, Gelato Cream, Perfect Pear, Cherry Charm, and more.

With every type of occasion covered, King Palm has a pre-roll ready for whatever size is needed. Able to hold small to large amounts of marijuana these products have a size for everyone. King Palm pre-rolled cones come in the following sizes:

  • Rollie for .5 Grams
  • Mini for 1 Grams
  • Slim for 1.5 Grams
  • King for 2 Grams
  • XL for 3 Grams
  • XXL for 5 Grams

Shop Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones

If you are a convenience store or a smoke shop, getting the right amount and the correct flavors of pre-rolled cones is important. Accessing the King Palm wholesale section will give the option of choosing what flavors and products will be right for anyone’s store! Shop the very best pre-rolled cones wholesale with King Palm.

Wholesale shopping through King Palm does not have to start and stop at just pre-rolled cones. They have tons of products and accessories for smoking that are available. There is everything a store could imagine for their counter displays. From pre-rolled cones, to packets of corn husk filters, to even carrying the 20 count packs of the premium King Palm grinder card. Even more items like the King Palm branded grinders, roach clips, and rolling trays can be purchased at these wholesale prices. The King Palm luxurious Vanilla Gold pre-rolled cone with 24k edible gold is available to purchase in 15 count displays, as well. With options like this, there is no better choice than the all natural, high-quality, and eco-friendly products from King Palm.

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