Cannabis Types: Understanding the Different Strains of Weed

As the popularity of marijuana grows rapidly in the states where it is now legalized for either medical or recreational use – or both – people are becoming more interested in the types of cannabis available.

Much like wine or craft beer, the type of cannabis you use can lead to different types of experiences.

Here’s a look at the various types of cannabis. Keep in mind that there is constant experimentation happening among cannabis suppliers and new combinations of various strains are introduced more or less constantly.

However, this list is an overview of some of the main cannabis types.

Cannabis Types: The Two Main Strains of Weed

Indica and Sativa are the two main strains of cannabis. Most of what is available is some combination or variation of the two.


The Indica plant tends to grow and mature faster. They are shorter plants and originated in areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. They mature within a short time frame: about 6 to 8 weeks.

Pure Indica tends to block pain better than other cannabis varieties and is sought out by those using marijuana for medical purposes. The most common strains are Afghani, Pakistani, Hashplant, Herijuana and G-13.

Hybrid Indica makes up the majority of medical marijuana used today. The Kush strains are especially popular. These Indica hybrids include OG Kush, Master Kush, Purple Kush, White Rhino, Romulan, Blueberry, Dutch Treat, Grapefruit and Northern Lights.


This variety is harder to find because it is more difficult to grow both indoors and outdoors if you are in a northern climates. It is primarily grown in Columbia, Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Because it is known to produce paranoia and irregular heartbeats among some users, pure Sativas is rarely used for medical marijuana purposes. On the other hand, it gives users energy and a lift, which can make it popular among those who suffer depression.

Hybrid Sativas is popular because it can produce the lift of pure Sativas without the paranoia. It also is good for mood elevation and creating an appetite, and so can be used for medicinal purposes for people with certain types of medical conditions. However, it is not known as a pain blocker.

Some Popular Hybrids

As its popularity grows, there are, like wine, many different cannabis types – far too many to list here. However, here are some of the popular names, as reported by the website Medical Jane.

Blue Dream. Extremely popular with first time users, this Indica hybrid is known to provide a mellow and anxiety-free experience.

Green Crack. This Sativas hybrid provides a great deal of lift.  In addition to providing a boost of energy, Green Crack also can improve focus.

Grand Daddy Purp. These Indica hybrid is known for producing a mellow lift that is also sleep inducing, making it popular for those who suffer from insomnia or stress. Obviously, it is best used at night.

Jack Herer. Like Greek Crack, this hybrid is a Sativas strain that provides energy and focus. But the effects tend to be less intense and therefore it is more popular with those who partake in the morning.

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