Can I Use Marijuana In Public?

Under current law, there is no place in the United States that allows the consumption of marijuana in public – not even in Las Vegas! While cannabis consumption businesses – known as cannabis cafes – are in the works in some states, marijuana users now are restricted to use in their homes or by joining a private club.

The lone exception is The Coffee Joint in Denver. It is the first and, so far, the only establishment to be licensed by the city for social cannabis use. However, while you can vape marijuana or consume cannabis edibles purchased elsewhere, you cannot smoke marijuana at The Coffee Joint.

Private Home

There is no cafe for people to go and enjoy marijuana in public while watching the world go by as you can over a glass of wine at a bar. Most hotels also prohibit the use of marijuana, meaning marijuana tourists typically seek out a private home to say in – through a service such as Airbnb – that are open to marijuana use.

You Can Also Grow It

If you live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, it’s likely that the law allows you to grow at least a small amount of marijuana in your home. The amounts vary by state, so be sure to check out the regulations in your area.

While some people grow their own marijuana, most people prefer going to a dispensary or an online marketplace to find the best cannabis-related products, which go far beyond just buying flower to smoke.

If You’re Renting

One of the issues that come up in states where recreational marijuana is legal is that you can’t always use it even in your own home if you are renting. That’s because many landlords do not allow marijuana use on their property. Obviously, it’s very important to check into whether you can use marijuana in your rented apartment or townhouse.

Marijuana In Public Cafes

Both Colorado and California are looking into creating marijuana cafes. They would operate much as a bar does for alcohol. Patrons could both buy marijuana and use it on the premises. Denver took the first step with The Coffee Joint.

Massachusetts wanted to include cannabis cafes with the beginning of the state’s recreational marijuana program, but the issue has been tabled as the program has been slow to get off the ground. Washington also is considering the creation of Amsterdam-style cannabis lounges.

Until then, you must seek a private home. In Denver, you find private lounges and event spaces that allow for cannabis consumption. Otherwise, you might be stuck much like the people of Seattle, who simply smoke on the street and risk paying the $27 fine. But keep an eye out, especially for those in California and Colorado. The times may soon change.

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