Coffee With Cannabis: It’s Now Officially a Mainstream Thing

Coffee with cannabis has been a thing for a long time with cannabis veterans. Whether they turn to THC or CBD, long-time fans say they feel alert without feeling jittery. Or, to put it another way, focused but calm.

You can find it added to fresh, gourmet coffee brands.  You can also find it among cannabis superfoods. Coffee with cannabis is so popular that even Willie Nelson has a product that mixes the two.

In a news release, Nelson said, “It’s two of my favorites, together in the perfect combination. Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me.”  It seems like he could be speaking for a lot of people

Why Combine Coffee and Cannabis?

It’s important to note that, at least in mainstream circles, coffee most often is combined with CBD. CBD is the chemical ingredient in marijuana that does not cause the “high” feeling, but it’s been found to have many benefits.

CBD products have many different uses. You can find CBD gaining popularity with Moms looking for an option other than wine for relaxation, seniors looking for pain management alternatives and athletes looking to improve workouts and deal with muscle aches.

Many also find that CBD has anti-anxiety properties. Research in this area is ongoing, but CBD can help people with sleep. It gives users a relaxed feeling and can reduce stress and anxiety. Most CBD products use hemp-derived CBD that has only trace amounts of THC.

However, you can also find coffee products that have THC, the chemical ingredient that does cause the high. Obviously, this can impact your experience of coffee with cannabis. All cannabis products – those with THC or CBD – have a different impact because of the “entourage effect” of the chemical ingredients and terpenes.

The Science Behind Coffee With Cannabis

A journalist in New York who was not completely convinced of the impact of coffee with cannabis tried it for five days and admitted that it gave her a lift on her long work days, although she wrote that one of the keys is finding the right mix of cannabis and coffee.

But she hit upon the main point, which is: What exactly is the relationship between cannabis and coffee? Research is not widespread, mostly because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level.

The chemical reactions, however, are well understood. Coffee inhibits receptors in the brain from receiving adenosine, which is what causes drowsiness. THC is similar to the naturally occurring anandamide, the chemical in the brain associated with feelings of euphoria. It’s easy to see why combining alertness and euphoria seem like a good idea, especially for those doing something creative.

The importance is finding the right balance. For example, a rare coffee with cannabis study in 2014 found that squirrel monkeys wanted more THC after drinking more caffeine. That seems to indicate that moderation is the key.

But coffee with cannabis provides people another intriguing way to try cannabis products – and maybe even make it part of their morning ritual.

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