New Study Looks Into Cannabis Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

An upcoming study from Day Three Labs will begin research into the potential of cannabis treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The Colorado-based company manufactures ingredients for cannabinoid products in their Denver headquarters, and they also have a research facility in Israel.

Regulations for cannabis studies are less strict in Israel, which allows the U.S.-based company to take a deeper look into the medical possibilities of cannabis. The cannabis treatment for Parkinson’s disease study will be part of the first government-funded incubator in the world.

The Day Three Labs study is the only research to pass the first phase of the CanNegev program so far, where they created the concept and developed the idea for their research project. This program is an incubator specifically for cannabis technology that gets funding from the Israeli government.

In the second phase of the program, Day Three Labs will begin research and collect data that will be presented to the Israel Innovation Authority in September. The new wave of funding will allow Day Three Labs to research which cannabinoid combination is best suited to combat Parkinson’s disease, plus transition from the research phase into developing the product.

Hopeful Signs For Cannabis Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

More than 10 million people around the world suffer from Parkinson’s, a neurological disease that impacts balance, coordination, and causes unintentional movements. Though Parkinson’s disease doesn’t have a cure, medications are commonly used to mitigate the symptoms.

The Day Three Labs study isn’t the first to use cannabis as a potential Parkinson’s disease treatment. A  2017 study in Germany showed promising results in helping patients reduce the severity of their Parkinson’s symptoms using cannabis therapy.

The German study improved pain levels and muscle cramps the most, while also helping other symptoms like anxiety, depression, sleep interruptions, and restless leg syndrome.

Cannabis Continues to Positively Impact Healthcare

Parkinson’s disease isn’t the only malady that cannabis has been able to help. Marijuana has many health benefits in areas like pain management, mental health, and inflammation. As medical marijuana continues to become more common, the amount of research around its benefits has also increased.

Cannabis has been used to treat PTSD so effectively in some patients that even conservative leaning states have included marijuana  as a potential PTSD treatment. The National Football League awarded $1 million to fund cannabis research, particularly looking at its potential for pain management and neuroprotection for concussions. Considering NFL players have failed drug tests in the past due to marijuana use, this shows how far cannabis has come as an accepted treatment for many ailments.

Even some unexpected areas of health and wellness have found benefits in cannabis use, like weight loss. Marijuana is often depicted as a recreational drug that leads to snacking, but research shows one chemical ingredient in cannabis may help with weight loss. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a naturally occurring compound in cannabis, shows signs of improving appetite control and glycemic control.

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