Cannabis Trends To Look For in 2023

In 2023, cannabis consumers should benefit from changes in the cannabis industry, including new products and a wider range of existing products that promote wellness and sustainability. Cannabis trends for 2023 should lead to a bigger, better market for consumers.

Of course, you’ll also see more celebrities join the list of cannabis entrepreneurs, even some you might not expect. And Snoop Dogg seems to always find something fun to do every year (in 2022 it was a cool snack). For those interested in other trends expected in 2023, read on.

The Biggest Cannabis Trends for 2023

One trend to expect but not really look forward to is the continued debate about federal legalization of cannabis. With Republicans taking control of the U.S. House, don’t expect legalization to pass anytime soon. But the following are both good news and expected to happen.

Moving Beyond Flower

Expect companies to continue to innovate with the products they offer, something that has emerged as a driver of the cannabis industry’s growth. An area of strong growth is offering the cannabis experience to those who prefer not to smoke. This will lead to even more edibles, concentrates, topicals, and beverages. These products also have helped move cannabis into the mainstream

New Cannabinoids Lead to New Products

Another area of innovation has been the discovery and use of cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD for use in products. That’s already happened with Delta-8 THC, for example. Some of the new cannabinoids include CBN, which has shown potential to lower anxiety, and CBC, a non-psychoactive chemical ingredient in cannabis with wellness benefits, much like CBD products.

A Focus on Sustainability

The cannabis industry, like businesses in all areas of the economy, will continue to focus on creating sustainable products, manufacturing processes and supply chains. In an interview with Ganjapreneur, Christine De La Rosa – CEO & Co-founder at The People’s Ecosystem – said that cannabis consumers are becoming “more interested in how cannabis products, outside of flower, are made and produced. Consumers will be looking for organic, vegan, and all-natural made ingredients.”

Continued Workplace Issues

The legalization of cannabis in states around the country has been a welcome change for residents of those states. But its continued illegality at the federal level has led to complex situations and problems such as worries about drug testing. It’s also led to a different set of rules for people who must work under federal guidelines, even if they live in a legal marijuana state (such as the nation’s truckers or EPA employees). The good news here is that more employers are questioning the use of cannabis drug tests.

Emergence of Therapeutic Psychedelics

Most experts agree that attempts to legalize or, at least, decriminalize the use of therapeutic psychedelics will increase in the coming year. Two states, Oregon and Colorado, now allow use of certain psychedelics in a supervised setting. Oregon led the way in 2020 by becoming the first state to regulate therapeutic psilocybin sessions in licensed, clinical settings for adults. Other cities have decriminalized therapeutic psychedelics in some settings, including Ann Arbor and Detroit in Michigan and Oakland and San Francisco in California.

More Education Options

An increasing number of colleges and universities are offering courses related to the cannabis business. Some have established certificate courses in cannabis and even degree programs. For example, Colorado State University offers a BS in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry and Lake Superior State University in Michigan has both a cannabis business and cannabis chemistry program. Educational opportunities should increase as cannabis becomes more mainstream.

These cannabis trends in 2023 will keep the year interesting for cannabis consumers. And we still don’t know what Snoop Dogg might do.

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