Snoop Dogg Gets Into the Cannabis Snacks Business With Snazzle Os

Snoop Dogg has long been one of the most famous celebrities associated with cannabis. He’s also never shy about launching a new product or business. In his most recent venture, the star has decided to set his sights on creating a popular cannabis edible.

In a partnership with TSUMo Snacks, Snoop Dogg has launched Snazzle Os, which are crispy,  cannabis-infused onion-flavored rings. The product comes from a partnership between TSUMo Snacks and Casa Verde, the rapper’s venture investment firm that focuses on the cannabis industry.

The edibles come with a catchphrase: “Take flight with every bite!”

What Are Snazzle Os?

The new Snazzle Os will come in two flavors – onion and spicy onion. Each bag  contains 100mg of THC. Each bag also features a picture of a grinning Snoop Dogg.

“We had been kicking around the idea of doing edibles again and really wanted to get it right,” Snoop Dogg told The Washington Post. “The team at TSUMo Snacks…took the original vision and made it better than I had hoped.”

In a press release, the rapper said that while the edibles market offers plenty of sweet treats, there are far fewer savory products. He also added, “You know that if I’m going to put my name on something, it’s guaranteed stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G fresh.”

The new snack is available at Med Men locations across California starting in October.

Edibles Market Continues to Grow

For the cannabis curious who prefer ingesting cannabis rather than smoking it, Snoop Dogg’s latest edible product is just one of many choices that have flooded the market in recent years. Many celebrities have joined the industry, from Martha Stewart’s line of CBD-infused confections to Gwyneth Paltrow’s investment in a cannabis beverage companies.

Across the globe, the cannabis edibles market continues to boom. Custom Market Insights recently projected that the global edibles market will reach almost $198 billion by 2030, which translates into a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 32.04% between 2021 and 2030.

As for Snazzle Os, they passed a taste test done by the Post. The consensus among a group who tried them is that “the chips taste really good.” One tester said they “taste like Funyuns, but more onion,” while the spicy versions reminded them of Takis and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

TSUMo plans to launch more snack brands with Snoop Dogg in the future.

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