CBD And Social Anxiety

Going out this weekend?  How do you feel about that?  Not able to because of social anxiety? That’s ok, too, but there may be help for you.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder, sometimes called social phobia, is very real.  It involves excessive fears about social situations that can cause distorted thinking, extreme stress and, in some cases, full blown anxiety attacks.  It can be cause for avoidance of any social situations, which may even include work and school.  In this way the anxiety can be debilitating and incredibly disruptive for those afflicted.

Coping With Social Anxiety

Cannabis has long been tied to relief of social anxiety, although some users have reported marijuana use in general intensifies anxiety.  The difference appears to depend on the CBD content of the marijuana. This week we’ve looked a lot at CBD, a non-psychotomimetic compound of the cannabis saliva plant. Findings that CBD has shown anxiolytic effects both in humans and in animals, meaning that it counters the effects of anxiety or panic, are becoming better circulated as access to marijuana research in general is expanded in the United States.


One group in particular is benefiting in a big way.  Veterans suffering from PTSD and, in many instances, concurrently, social anxiety, have noted drastic improvements in their ability to interact socially and live with more positive outlooks towards life.

CBD is know to work against any of the negative anxiety-producing effects of THC. Medical marijuana with higher levels of CBD can take the guesswork out and ensure patients are receiving the best drug for their anxiety.

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