CBD For Mom: Products Reduce Stress, Increase Sleep for Moms

Moms take on one of the hardest jobs any person can do. With babies, toddlers and even teenagers, Moms face challenges every day in getting kids – and the household – through the day.

But what about getting Moms through the day? Studies have shown that Moms have a tough time getting sleep, with less than half getting seven hours of sleep per night. They also report the average Mom feels tired 14 days out of every month.

Men, on the other hand, report no change in sleep patterns with children in the house.

CBD for Mom has emerged as a trend since late 2018, when the U.S. Congress made hemp legal across the country. Hemp-derived CBD products that include candles, cupcakes and creams have emerged to offer Moms (or Dads, if Mom is the sole breadwinner in the house) relief from the stress of parenting.

CBD for Mom Combats Stress

Moms interviewed by High Times said that CBD products tend to help them relax and live more in the moment. High Times also reported that many of the CBD for Mom products come from companies led by female CEOs.

One of those is Shanel Lindsay, CEO and founder of Ardent Cannabis. She told High Times that “using cannabis helps me relax not just in parenting situations, but also after having a long, stressful day.”

Another Mom – Los Angeles-based fashion product designer Katie Miles – told High Times that she and her husband use CBD on the weekends to help them relax and live more in the moment with their children, ages seven and four.

“I feel like I can be more in the moment and get down on their level when my anxieties about all the stuff I need to do around the house and with work is calmed by the CBD,” she said.

CBD Part of Wellness Trend

CBD for Mom products rank among some of the most popular products in a wellness trend that emphasizes self-care. Parent.com reports that CBD products provide help for Moms in many areas, including dry skin, stress, managing aches and pains and getting better sleep at night.

For some Moms, marijuana has started to replace wine as the go-to way to relax. The use of marijuana has increased for Moms as the stigma has fallen away. Those who accept the “wine Mom” trend now embrace cannabis oils, lotions, edibles and other products.

However, some Moms said they must keep marijuana use secret, especially those also holding down a full-time job. They fear losing their jobs if their use of cannabis is discovered.

CBD differs from marijuana in that it does not cause the “high” feeling. CBD derives from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive. Also, because CBD products are legal nationwide, it is easier to find them in the marketplace.

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