Cooking with Cannabis: What to Consider First

Marijuana can be consumed in a variety of methods like smoking marijuana cigarettes, blunts or vaping. Some topical applications like creams, tinctures or ointments are preferred methods in treating ailments like cancerous legions, rashes and arthritis. But edibles – teas and resins included – are gaining in popularity as a preferred method of consumption, especially for those interested in cooking with cannabis.

Cooking With Cannabis

Are you thinking of cooking with cannabis?  Here are 3 things you’ll want to consider before getting started.

First, do you cook?  Really.  Do you?  Do us a favor and don’t assume you’ll automatically be the Bobby Flay of cooking with cannabis if you’ve never stepped foot in the kitchen. Trust us, we understand that marijuana can make certain people feel certain ways but we can pretty much guarantee that culinary talents are not an effect you’ll experience from this little plant – no matter the strain.  The Food Network has these sweet videos that offer basic cooking techniques and training. Familiarize yourself with the kitchen and basic recipe terminology. Know the difference between chopped and minced and how to measure properly.

Good Green

Now, how good is your product?  Quality product is key.  Smoking higher quality cannabis generally means higher qualify relief and vice versa with lower quality product.  It’s just that whereas smoking lower quality pot has the potential to affect a couple of hours, ingesting lower quality cannabis could put a damper on your entire day or night. Get the good stuff. Don’t skimp.

Which leads us to this final piece of advice:  as a first step or as one of your first steps in your journey of cooking with cannabis, consider learning to make marijuana infused butter or oils.  In many, many recipes you can simply substitute butter or oil for your own marijuana infused version, instantly making any recipe a special one.  The Stoner’s Cookbook has a guide to cooking with cannabis that covers marijuana infused butter and oils. It is awesome. Seriously, this resource covers extraction methods, THC calculations, and offers links to a few starter recipes.

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