Cannabis Workers Unionize At Crossroads for Marijuana Dispensaries

The city of Santa Ana in California has been at a crossroads in the ongoing debate of support – or setbacks – for legal marijuana dispensaries. In a historic step in a positive direction for the medical cannabis industry, 20 cannabis workers unionize and have become the first in their county’s cannabis industry to join a union. Santa Ana City is the seat of Orange County, where unemployment rates and great recession recovery are cause for continued debate.

Cannabis Workers Unionize

When cannabis workers unionize, it represents, to workers and industry insiders, a greater public acceptance of cannabis. The move is being viewed as clear victory for cannabis supporters who have faced setbacks and growing pressure from neighbors to ensure dispensary facilities are on the up and up.

Many are pleased that union contracts like this one generally have positive impacts on local communities and mean good, middle class jobs.

Officials at UFCW Local 324, Orange County Labor Federation, believe that, once again, the pendulum is swinging back in favor of the medical cannabis industry and are pleased at what this means for employment prospects and local business.  In a recent announcement, union representatives shared:

We believe that the public will never see the workers who dispense this product as the professionals they are until they are compensated at a level deserving of that title.

Our announcement today demonstrates that there are, indeed, conscientious and ethical dispensary owners who feel the same.

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