Coronavirus Weed: Sales Go Through the Roof, Rumors Spread Like Wildfire

The coronavirus outbreak has left millions of people practicing “social distancing,” which means many are spending a majority of their time at home. With the closure of restaurants, bars and, in some places, dispensaries, there are fewer places to go, anyway.

Those looking to purchase cannabis products can still do so through the online marketplace. They can find everything from cannabis to CBD products, oils, tinctures, pet products, edibles, beverages and more.

But before dispensaries closed in March in many places around the country, people showed clearly how fast legalized marijuana has become popular. Coronavirus weed sales exploded across America.

As Colorado dispensary owner Wanda James  told USA Today: “Apparently people need weed and toilet paper, that I am sure of. They are absolutely stocking up.”

Long Lines In Many Places

USA Today reported that sales of cannabis jumped not only in Colorado but also in California, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada – all states with legal recreational and medical marijuana. The coronavirus weed phenomenon – essentially, stocking up on cannabis once it became clear that millions of Americans could spend weeks in their homes – quickly spread nationwide.

James told USA Today that customers want to relax and relieve pain as they move into a period where they may find themselves stuck with family members for at least several weeks.

Kyle Kazan, CEO of the Glass House Group that runs four dispensaries in California, told the Orange County Register that the same thing is happening in the Golden State. He said the cannabis industry is “on fire.”

Many said sales showed marijuana was as popular as hand sanitizer, toilet paper and paper towels. Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, California, reported that sales were up by 30% in the second week of March as the coronavirus outbreak worsened.

Rumors Are Growing Like Weeds

While the robust sales show how popular weed has become, the coronavirus weed situation also has led to wild rumors with no basis in reality.

The  most damaging: that marijuana kills the coronavirus. There is no proof that is the case. However, many seem to believe it, according to Reuters.

The news service reported that as the sales of coronavirus weed picked up, people started making jokes online about cannabis curing coronavirus. The jokes soon led to people taking it seriously, a common issue on social media.

Still, marijuana does have its uses, especially in calming anxiety during an anxious time.

Zachary Pitts, CEO of Ganja Goddess in Oakland, told the Register that initially the surge in sales happened because they were worried they wouldn’t be able to get weed in the future and they wanted to stock up. But, he said, there are other advantages: “So many people are staying home, and cannabis is perfect for staying at home and watching Netflix.”

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