Edibles vs. Smoking: 5 Differences Between the Two

The growing edible market has erased the long-held image of marijuana involving a lighter and a lot of smoke.

Still, there are those who have not yet made the plunge into edibles because they are accustomed to smoking. The edible market continues to expand. Many remain unaware of the differences between partaking of cannabis via smoking versus edibles.

Many difference exists between the two. Here are some of the main differences that can get you started on deciding which is best for you, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Smoking Works Faster…

Most experts agree that, generally speaking, smoking marijuana will give you the “high” faster than if it is consumed through an edible product. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, hits the bloodstream faster through smoking. The THC will kick in typically the strongest within 10 or 15 minutes and then slowly dissipate over the next hour.

…But Edibles Last Longer

When you ingest marijuana, it takes a longer time to get into the bloodstream as it moves through your gastrointestinal system. However, the effects of THC can last longer and feel stronger, although this depends greatly on the type of edible you use. However, you have to be patient, as it might take as long as 30 minutes or more for the feeling to kick in.

Smoking Is Easier to Dose

Because the effects hit you so fast, it is easier to determine the variety and amount of marijuana you need by smoking it. With edibles, more experimentation likely will be needed. Because you have to wait longer for the effects and they can be stronger. It’s wise to try a variety of edibles before determining which is the best for you.

A More Healthy Choice?

Smoking marijuana offers an experience many people don’t like. It can feel harsh in your lungs, especially to those who do not tolerate smoke very well, and also creates a smell many don’t like. Edibles, on the other hand, can seem unhealthy because most people associate edibles with brownies or cookies. However, the edible market has expanded far beyond that now. With almost every variety of food being used. For example, you can try marijuana-infused tofu, olive oil for putting on salads, butter, granola and salmon.

Know Yourself

While the above shows some of the differences between eating and smoking marijuana, the most important difference is actually you. For example, someone looking for fast relief from chronic pain or using marijuana to battle insomnia may prefer the fast action of smoking. However, those who can’t tolerate smoke and prefer a longer lasting effect may choose an edible.

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