Giving Cannabis Beverages As A Holiday Gift

Cannabis beverages became a big story in the cannabis industry in 2020. Already worth about $901.8 million in 2018, the cannabis industry has grown a staggering 45% in each of the past two years and is expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2025.

This sudden and rapid growth has made cannabis beverages a cool, new idea for holiday gifts. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of options to consider when looking at the cannabis products marketplace.

The growth in cannabis beverages has also come at a great time for a beverages market that had been in decline for years, according to Yahoo! Finance. Alcohol consumption in the United States continues to drop, especially with beer. Overall, alcohol sales have dropped three years in a row.

Meanwhile, cannabis beverages represent “an exciting new product category that is forecast for growth,” Yahoo! reports.

What The Cannabis Market Offers For Holiday Gifts

While impressive, those numbers aren’t the real issue cannabis consumers are interested in. They’re far more interested in finding out what kind of beverages they can get as a holiday gift.

They include everything from CBD-infused products that are not psychoactive to THC-infused beverages that, like an edible, can give you a high after consumption. Some of the products from the cannabis beverages marketplace include:

  • CBD Living offers beverages that benefit from the company’s use of ultrasound waves to reduce CBD to nanoparticles, making it easier for absorption into the bloodstream. Products include water and green tea.
  • House of Jane offers gourmet coffees, hot chocolate, tea and bottled iced tea, with a focus on  freshness, choice, a premium experience and beverages that are medicinal and therapeutic.
  • Mood33 offers unique blends of THC, CBD, natural terpenes, fruits and botanicals to create sparkling tonics that include the flavors of raspberries and watermelon.
  • Dixie offers Dixie Elixir, which are THC-infused beverages with flavors that include berry, cherry, fruit, half tea and half lemonade, and root beer.
  • High Style offers THC-infused, nonalcoholic craft brewed beverages that include Grapefruit Haze (a Hefeweizen-inspired recipe), Blood Orange Haze (a blonde-ale inspired recipe) and Pale Haze (inspired by a classic pale ale recipe).

Added Benefit of Cannabis Beverage Gifts

If you’re looking for extra incentive to buy cannabis beverages for holiday gifts, they also have been found to provide benefits that extend beyond offering wellness, great taste and a different way to use cannabis.

A report from Prohibition Partners also found that when asked why they drank cannabis beverages, most said they wanted an alternative to alcohol. Apparently, it has worked, as a study from Oregon State University found a direct correlation between use of cannabis and a decline in the use of alcohol (not to mention nicotine and opioids).

Another thing: cannabis beverages are so good that 75% of consumers who tried a CBD-infused beverage said they intend to buy a similar product again. That makes them likely to be a holiday gift people will both enjoy and remember.

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