Enjoy Some 420 TV On 420 Day

The cannabis curious have a new outlet to learn about cannabis use and culture. 420 TV.

What Is 420 TV?

Available on the internet for free, 420 TV features content aimed at both “the converted and the curious.” The channel, which launched in February, features shows built around the marijuana industry and culture.

Shows on the channel were created by movie, television and music industry professionals in Los Angeles.

Alex Nahai, who co-founded the channel, told L.A. Weekly the idea for 420 TV came after he looked at cannabis-related content “and I felt like there was a void in the way that the story about cannabis was being told by the media.”

He felt cannabis was either presented in a somewhat negative light or that pro-cannabis shows had lower quality.

Two Audiences

The channel is geared toward both those already familiar with cannabis culture who will “get” what the channel is about, and the cannabis curious searching for information about marijuana.

Some shows are designed to provide information, while others – especially the animated series – are more for entertainment and laughs (and definitely rated R).

Among the 420 TV stars is Dr. Dina, an early advocate for legal marijuana who currently serves as a consultant for the Netflix show, “Disjointed.” The 420 TV channel is producing a show for her called “Top Shelf With Dr. Dina.”

The channel hopes to reach a million unique viewers within the first year.

420 TV Shows

The original 420 TV content features both short- and long-form shows that include news, entertainment and lifestyle programming. The channel also plans to acquire existing feature films, documentaries and series to show on the channel.

Right now, that includes “Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy” and “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

Some of the current shows include:

“In Amsterdam,” hosted by Veronica van Hoogdalem, the show focuses on the cannabis scene in Amsterdam, long a leader in the cannabis industry. The initial show focuses on the city’s coffee shop scene, including the original shop, Mellow Yellow. The second offers information for the cannabis curious, including how to roll a joint and an interview with a scientist on the effects of marijuana on the brain.

“Super Slackers” is a cartoon about a group of young adults who become superheroes after accidentally acquiring marijuana stolen from the government’s “super soldier program” and getting visited by a centaur agent.

“Medical Marijuana Miracles” focuses on how marijuana has helped people deal with medical issues, including one young man’s experience with epileptic seizures.

“Trae Tha Truth” is an animated show starring and voiced by Houston-based hip hop artist Trae and set on the streets and neighborhoods where he grew up.

One show features a trippy scene of surfers called “Rip Tide.” It’s description: “Fall in multiple directions with the water.” Now, that’s 420 TV.

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