Where Marijuana’s Not a Drug

This week (well, most weeks really… let’s be honest) we’re exploring fun facts about marijuana and its impact on health and society.  The hardest part about this task is finding just one fun pot fact to share.

See, as we’ve mentioned before, there’s so much misunderstanding out there still about what marijuana does to the body and how it works.  Marijuana myths have been perpetuated in the United States by politics and misguided economics for decades.

But what about elsewhere?

Did you know that in North Korea marijuana is, reportedly, not even consider a drug?  Yep.  Fun fact numero uno today:  Marijuana is not a drug in North Korea.

We loved this Vice.com article North Korea Smokes Weed Every Day, Explaining a Lot that gives mention to marijuana being grown openly and along roadsides.  Its author likens smoking weed, for North Korean laborers, to having a Budweiser after a hard day’s work.

Huffington Post has likewise previously reported that Kim Jong Un’s regime does not even consider it a drug.  Drugs in North Korea, the ones that get you shot to death by a firing squad, are what we might call the hard stuff.  Like meth.

“With regards to marijuana in North Korea, it’s as good as legal – there’s no great stigma about it, nor does it have the sort of fetish that surrounds it in the West, which probably stems from its illegal status here,” a source in the article states.

Not that North Korea is anywhere we’d want, under any circumstances, to inhabit.  But isn’t it interesting that an area riddled with corruption and blatant disregard for human rights has deemed our little plant just that.  It’s just a plant.  Not a drug.

Thoughts?  We are so ready to hear yours.