The Biggest Cannabis Events in 2019

The number of cannabis events continues to grow as legalization spreads. Still, many of the biggest cannabis-friendly festivals are those that started years ago and have grown with the mainstream acceptance of marijuana.

People have been gathering in cannabis-friendly events since a bunch of kids skipped school and traveled to San Francisco during the 1967 “summer of love.” But the impressive thing today is that, with legalization, the variety of events continues to expand each year.

The following provides some details on a few of the biggest cannabis events.

The Cannabis Cup

Sponsored by High Times magazine, the Cannabis Cup started in 1988 in Amsterdam and remains one of the biggest cannabis festivals on the planet. The event features a competition for the best cannabis, as well as exhibitors, music, celebrity appearances, seminars and product showcases. With legalization spreading across the United States, the cup is now held throughout the year in various locations in the U.S. Past locations have included both northern and southern California, Michigan and Denver. While not yet on the High Times website, the 2019 events should get listed here.

Mile High 420 Fest

Since Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, it stands to reason that Denver has what is generally considered the biggest 420 festival you will find. The 420 date is a legend among marijuana advocates, although the legend has outgrown the actual history behind the origin of 420 (spoiler: it’s a time, not a date). You can find 420 festivals in many places, but this one is probably the biggest. Scheduled for, of course, April 20 – although it typically begins in the morning, not at 4:20 p.m. There’s also a National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C. on April 20.


Held annually in Seattle, this is one of the biggest summer cannabis festivals. It’s scheduled this year for Aug. 16-18. Organizers call Hempfest the “King of Protestivals and the largest cannabis convocation in the world.” While it has all the trappings of a major festival, the focus is always on social consciousness, politics and commitment to community. Typically, the event attracts both political and celebrity speakers.

420 Games

These athletic competitions/festivals have been held each year in various cities. In 2018, they were held in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Denver and San Francisco. The whole purpose of the events is to breakdown the stereotypes of cannabis users that flourished during the height of the War on Drugs. The events seek to “de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.” No dates are yet up on the site for 2019 but should be listed here when they are chosen.

Kind Music Festival

Whether this turns into a big annual event remains to be seen. But the first festival, held on Mike Tyson’s ranch outside of Los Angeles, is scheduled to happen on Feb. 23. Tyson Ranch is in Desert Hot Springs. General admission tickets are $55.

These are just some of the biggest in what promises to be a busy cannabis events season for legal marijuana supporters and the cannabis curious across the country. Now is the time to choose where you want to go and start getting prepared.

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