Marijuana Holiday Gift Idea: Cannabis Greeting Cards

Nothing quite says “happy holidays” like a card that contains a little cannabis surprise. If you’re in the marketing for that kind of thing for the cannabis consumer in your circle of friends and family, make sure to check out the cannabis greeting cards now available on the market.

One of the most popular comes from Kushkards, a Colorado-based company that allows cannabis users to give the gift of cannabis. The cards come with sayings such as “Let’s blaze for the holidays,’ “For all you do, this bud’s for you” and “Joint to the world.” They also have a place to attach a one-hitter or a slot to place a pre-rolled joint.

Kushkard founder and CEO Lauren Miele told the Denver Post that the cards “weren’t a norm for the cannabis industry. I want to share how innovation in another area of the cannabis industry is really making an impact.”

Available in Retail Stores Around the Country

Miele, a New Yorker who moved to Denver in 2015, said the idea for cannabis greeting cards came to her while she was shopping to find a Christmas card for a cannabis-loving friend and didn’t like the idea of “stuffing a dime bag in a totally irrelevant Hallmark card,” as the Post wrote.

A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Miele decided to design her own card, print it out and hand-sew joints on it that formed her friend’s initials. “Ever since then, I knew I had something,” Miele told the Post. “Nobody was doing it, so I said, ‘Blunt cards it is.’”

Kushkard bills itself as offering the Original Cannabis Greeting Card. The $7 greeting card includes a slot for a joint, while the $10 version holds a one-hitter. The cannabis is not included, of course, and Kushkard prominently displays a warning that it is illegal to mail any products containing marijuana.

Plenty of Choices for Cannabis Cards

Kushkard is perhaps the best known cannabis greeting on the market, it even got placement in the movie “Senior Year” starring Rebel Wilson, according to the Post. They are now available in 4,000 retail locations around the United States and Canada, including dispensaries, gift and home stores, and sex shops.

CafePress also lists cannabis greeting cards, many with holiday themes, although they lack the ability to insert a joint or one-hitter. Red Bubble also offers cards made by individual designers, as does Zazzle.

If you’re in the market for cannabis gifts, you can also shop in the accessories section of the cannabis marketplace.

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