Which 2018 Marijuana Festival Will You Attend?

The long and weird winter season is officially over. Soon, perhaps the weather will actually acknowledge this fact. Certainly, by April it will be time to get out of the house and do a little traveling. And for the cannabis curious, what better place to go than a marijuana festival?

2018 Marijuana Festival Options

Let’s face it, we’re all curious about these events. And there seems to be one for every taste possible. You can get political or just groove to the music while shopping for hemp-made products. Whatever the case, the festivals listed below look like good places to spend a long spring weekend immersing yourself in cannabis culture.

Hash Bash

(April 7, Ann Arbor, Mich.)

This annual event on the campus of the University of Michigan has been around since 1972, when the Michigan Supreme Court decided a law used to jail an activist for possession of two joints was unconstitutional. Now, thousands gather to hear speeches, listen to music and unite in the cause to reform marijuana laws both in Michigan and at the national level.

Cannabis Cup SoCal

(April 20-22)

High Times magazine, now in Los Angeles after a move from New York City, holds Cannabis Cups in various locations throughout the year. The one in Southern California is among the most popular. This year, the marijuana festival will take place at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino. There will be music, hundreds of cannabis industry-related exhibitors, and competitions.

Later in the year, there will be Cannabis Cup events in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Michigan and Amsterdam.

National Cannabis Festival

(April 21, Washington, D.C.)

Get political. The National Cannabis Festival is scheduled for RFK Stadium and will draw hundreds of thousands to the nation’s capital, where debate over cannabis is pretty much a daily event. Cypress Hill is the main musical act. There will be the chance to register to vote (in less than two minutes). There will be a policy summit on pro-legalization initiatives. In short, legal marijuana may have primarily been a West Coast thing so far, but this is the place to be April 21.

Seattle Hempfest

(Aug. 17-19, Seattle)

This one has been going since 1991 and typically attracts about 500,000 people to the Emerald City for a long weekend of music, rallies, arts and crafts. Over the years, celebrities and politicians have spoken at the event. They attract major music acts every year, expect the same in 2018.

Boston Freedom Rally


This is the second largest “hempfest” in the United States, second only to Seattle Hempfest. Hundreds of thousands will gather in Boston to hear speeches, see exhibits, listen to music and generally have a good time while rallying around the idea of marijuana legalization.

Those are some of the biggest cannabis festivals coming up in 2018. Start making your plans and satisfy your curiosity. Believe us, it’s more fun to be at these events than to read about them.

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