Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Rentals Picking Up in Popularity

Taking a trip has officially gone up a notch thanks to the growing number of cannabis-friendly vacation rentals available. As access to legal cannabis has increased across America, the hospitality industry has embraced the opportunity to incorporate marijuana into their services.

Even in states where cannabis is legal, consumers would sometimes struggle to find lodging that allowed them to indulge in their marijuana purchases. But thanks to the increase in cannabis-friendly vacation rentals, it’s easier than ever to find a place to stay.

Cannabis-Friendly Rentals Include Experiences

Those planning a vacation can now find websites that offer the same rental amenities consumers enjoy, but with a 420-friendly twist. They include and, two popular options that let travelers search for a place to stay that allows marijuana use on the property.

Many of the cannabis-friendly vacation spots offer more than just a place to sleep and spark up a joint. Hospitality entrepreneurs have created experiences that celebrate marijuana in a number of creative ways.

There are plenty of rental properties that offer edibles on-property, from sweets and treats to meals and munchies, all infused with THC or CBD. Some properties have cannabis bars or offer cannabis-themed amenities like CBD massages.

Even when the vacation rental doesn’t offer marijuana, they often are located in areas where cannabis products are widely available. A number of the vacation properties are located near local dispensaries, making it easy for travelers to visit and shop for cannabis products.

Cannabis-Friendly Rentals Across the U.S.

Whether travelers are looking to visit a city or somewhere more rural, cannabis-friendly vacation rentals have locations across the U.S. and abroad. There are even options for unique vacations like camping or staying in a treehouse located on an operational marijuana farm.

Though cannabis travel is still a niche, it’s continuing to grow in popularity. Some of the marijuana vacation spots are booked six months in advance. Cannabis tourism is predicted to be a $17 billion industry, according to Forbes.

Business owners saw the need to have accommodations for travelers that use marijuana, even in states where cannabis is only legal for medical purposes. Deontae Mack started the website to offer cannabis-friendly rentals to make it easier for people who need to know they can safely partake while traveling.

His site has many listings in Florida, where medical marijuana is legal but recreational marijuana is not. Since the Sunshine State is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S., there was a real need for such a service.

“People do not want to be inconvenienced when they smoke and some actually have medical needs,” Mack told CNBC. “But when people travel to Florida, if they do smoke for whatever reason, the only place that they can do that is at a private residence.”

Politicians are also seeing the value in making medical marijuana available to travelers who need it. Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently signed a bill that allows tourists to self-certify as patients of medical marijuana without the need for a recommendation from a doctor.

This move will make it easier for non-residents to visit the nation’s capital and still get the medical marijuana they need, which could lead to an increase in tourism to the area.

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