Marijuana Subscription Boxes Offer a Great Gift Option

Some people like to go out and buy their cannabis and related supplies. Others might find getting to a dispensary a bit of a hassle. That’s why marijuana subscription boxes have quietly remained popular as marijuana legalization has grown.

You can find companies that offer monthly marijuana subscription boxes in the online fashion and lifestyle marketplace. They include such brands as Club M, Potbox, AuBox and Green Box.

Many marijuana subscription boxes are given as gifts. It’s a way to provide the recipient the experience of cannabis and cannabis-infused products without the inconvenience of having to make a shopping trip. Instead, it’s delivered right to their door.

What Is a Marijuana Subscription Box?

Much like shopping online, a marijuana subscription box gives you the opportunity to order products you like or want to try and have them delivered, usually monthly. It’s the same concept that’s been used for subscription boxes that deliver beauty products for women, shaving products for men, pet supplies and gourmet food.

Everyone likes to get stuff in the mail. With a marijuana subscription box, you can give yourself (or a friend) something they really like to get in the mail. And it happens each month.

Where Can I Get A Marijuana Subscription Box?

The best place to look for marijuana subscription boxes is in the online marketplace, but what you can get depends on where you live and where the company is located. In California, a company in the state can ship to a customer in the state and it can contain products with THC, the chemical ingredient in marijuana that causes the high.

And in Oregon, Green Box was able to get the state’s first license for cannabis-delivery only service in the state.

Keep in mind that because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, it can’t be shipped across state lines. But plenty of accessories, gear and other items can be shipped to customers no matter where they live. So can hemp-derived CBD, one of the most popular cannabis products on the market.

What’s In a Marijuana Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes come in many varieties. They typically can contain (depending on where you live):

  • Flower
  • Lotions, oils and other skin topicals
  • Extracts and concentrates
  • Infused drinks
  • Edibles

CBD-infused products that are used to improve health and wellness are increasingly popular as Congress has made hemp legal nationwide. Many cannabis curious consumers start with CBD products because they are a way to try a cannabis product without psychoactive ingredients.

CBD products include lotions, oils, soaps, balms, tinctures and even vitamins. There are also CBD products available for pets.

Brands such as AuBox and Club M are considered luxury brands. AuBox’s products include intimate boxes that contain massage oils, bath balms and breath mints. Club M offers a long list of products, including grinders, rollers and sensual oils.

No matter what cannabis-related product you enjoy, you’re likely to find it available in a subscription box. It’s yet another way to discover what the industry has to offer – and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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