What Are The Most and Least Expensive U.S. Cities for a Canna-cation?

Now that it’s easier (and safer) to travel around the country with the threat of the pandemic receding, people are starting to hit the road again for vacations. That includes cannabis consumers looking for the best place to enjoy a “canna-cation.”

Canna-cation refers to a vacation built around or includes cannabis-related activities, including festivals, guided cannabis tours, visiting cannabis cafes, staying at weed-friendly B&Bs, and more.

A new report from Upgraded Points, a travel information company, listed the most and least expensive U.S. cities to visit on a canna-cation. It’s a good list to refer to if you have a canna-cation in mind for 2023, especially if you’re thinking of heading West where many of the best weed cities in the U.S. are located.

The Best Cities for a Canna-cation

The report, released on the Upgraded Points website, notes that with U.S. cannabis sales expected to hit $33 billion in 2022, more people than ever are planning to take a canna-cation somewhere in the United States.

The report found that the average nationwide four-day cost for a canna-cation is $1,262.

Oakland, California, and Spokane, Washington, offer the most “cost-efficient destinations,” according to the report. The four-day cost in Oakland is $1,068, while four days in Spokane costs $1,135.

Other cities on the least expensive canna-cation list include:

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico ($1,138)
  • Fort Collins, Colorado ($1,143)
  • Worcester, Massachusetts (($1,144)
  • Buffalo, New York ($1,145)
  • Billings, Montana ($1,146)
  • Seattle, Washington ($1,148)
  • Tucson, Arizona ($1,151)
  • Missoula, Montana ($1,152)

The report also found that Denver offers the most cannabis-related activities in the country, including 19 guided bus tours and 64 licensed dispensaries for every 100,000 people. Overall, destinations in the West are significantly cheaper than those in the East and North.

Where Canna-cation Costs the Most

The most expensive weed is sold in the North and East, with an ounce of high-quality marijuana costing an average of $590.50 in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Illinois, and Vermont. That’s almost twice the national average of $294.68.

The most expensive canna-cation cities include Anchorage, Alaska ($1,551); Los Angeles ($1,540); Reno, Nevada ($1,535); Burlington, Vermont ($1,456); and Bridgeport, Connecticut ($1,452).

In a news release about the report, Upgraded Points founder Alex Miller said cities in the West benefit from their location in states that lead the way in legalization.

“In these states, economies of scale have been built over the last decade, bolstered by a booming weed market that includes dispensaries, farm tours, and cannabis lounges,” Upgraded Points founder Alex Miller said in the news stories. “The industry supports over 83,000 jobs in California alone.”

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