Luxury Cannabis Store Set to Open in New York City

New York City is now home to its first-ever luxury cannabis store, called Gotham. Located in Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood, Gotham offers a range of high-end cannabis products to its customers, including edibles, vaporizers, pre-rolls and tinctures.

The opening of the store marks a significant shift in the city’s attitude towards cannabis and reflects the growing acceptance of marijuana as a legal and mainstream product. Gotham aims to provide a premium shopping experience for customers looking to purchase cannabis products, and sets itself apart from other dispensaries with its focus on luxury.

Gotham’s founder is Joanne Wilson, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, who has previously invested in consumer brands like Food52, Parachute and Sweet Loren’s. “Gotham is a reflection of New York’s rich history and influence. We’re proud to be one of the pioneers reimagining what the legalized cannabis market can become in the state,” said Wilson in a news release.

Partnering With STRIVE

The state legislature paved the way for the luxury cannabis store and the dispensaries to open across the city by approving legal recreational marijuana in 2021. Social justice issues played a central role in the passage of the legislation.

It also plays a part in the new Gotham store. The new cannabis luxury store is “committed to creating systemic change through the power of jobs, education and opportunity for those that were formerly incarcerated for cannabis,” according to the news release. That is why Gotham has partnered with STRIVE, a nonprofit that provides a pathway to life-changing careers for those who face societal barriers to economic empowerment and upward mobility.

The nonprofit, which also helps those impacted by the justice system, will receive a portion of proceeds from Gotham to fund their programs.

A Unique Experience in Luxury Cannabis

The store features a sleek and modern design, with minimalist decor and an atmosphere that is comparable to a high-end boutique. Customers can browse products at their leisure, and staff members are on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations. Gotham offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, including its own line of CBD products.

The 2,800-square-foot retail space features wood-paneled wall displays and a leafy tree anchors the space at center. “”We wanted to create a space that was a first of its kind, uniquely downtown and differentiated from the local head shop. Gotham is a true concept store where visitors can discover something new, browse high end brands and enjoy incredible art through a distinctive NYC lens. And, of course, we also sell cannabis,” Gotham Chief Creative Officer Billy Richards said in the news release. Richard is the former director of NYC’s famed Boom Boom Room and Rose Bar.

The shop also has an exhibition space that will host events and display rotating shows featuring New York artists. New York-based multimedia artist Molly Lowe has created a permanent installation.

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