Pleased to Announce the Opening of Nevada’s Premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We, at, are pleased to share with you the opening of Nevada’s premier medical marijuana dispensary, The Source.  The Source is located at 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 8, Las Vegas, Nevada and offers a variety of cannabis products for wellness and healing with affordability and patient safety as top of mind.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Source’s mission is “to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, respectful environment, where our patients can easily and affordably obtain a host of wellness products and services.”  Patient respect and safety is evident in every aspect of The Source’s design, aesthetic and experience, from parking to purchase.

And, since safety is covered, which is important, can we just tell you how gorgeous this place is?  This group has truly outdone themselves. The Source is positioned to be a model medical marijuana dispensary, boasting a designer feel and top quality product line.

“I enjoyed my very first ever visit to a storefront,” said one patient recently. “The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions. And I much appreciate the discounts for veterans and seniors. Looking forward to my next visit.”

Quality Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Source has assembled layers of quality control that ensure safety (of course) and accuracy for THC, CBD and CBN content, as well as the avoidance of any mold, fungus or pesticides.  They’ve dedicated a team to procuring product, which allows for great finds and incredible knowledge for patients looking only for the best in cannabis wellness experiences.

“As the medical marijuana industry in Nevada develops and matures, so will our dispensary,” the team has shared.

We are both impressed and excited for what this dispensary’s commitment and dedication will do for the marijuana industry and cannabis entrepreneurs everywhere.

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