Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Ideas For Your Pot Lover

Flowers and chocolate are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. You really can’t go wrong with either choice. But what about a cannabis gift instead?

Why settle for “can’t go wrong” when your significant other is a cannabis fan and now, in many places, it’s completely legal?

Choosing a marijuana-related gift shows you put some thought into what your significant other really wants. It also guarantees that when gifts are finally opened, you’re going to win Valentine’s Day. Plus, they can put your significant other in the mood for a little holiday fun.

You want that, right? Of course, you do.

Cannabis Gift Ideas

Here are some cannabis gift ideas to put some legal marijuana into your Valentine’s Day.

Lotions, Balms and Creams

This topic just sounds made for Valentine’s Day, right? Marijuana-infused lotions, balms and creams come in a wide variety of choices. You can use lotions to soften skin, balms to treat aches and pains and creams that manage skin conditions. You can even get a luxurious marijuana-infused bath soak. The marijuana industry has caught up to your imagination in this area. Now, you just have to use it.


How about including a sweet treat for your sweetheart that has a little extra pop? Listing all the edibles available would turn this article into a long menu, but you can get a very good idea here. There are marijuana-infused baked goods, candies and, yes, of course, chocolate (the textbook definition of two great things being great together). Make that Valentine’s Day dinner something extra special.

A New Vaporizer

This one has the “wow” factor. And that’s a very, very good thing on Valentine’s Day (we could have added about five more “verys.”). Boring is not good on a holiday made for lovers. And new, high-tech vaporizer is anything but boring. It’s a great gift for the significant other who is weary of rolling joints or packing bong bowls. Cleaner, safer and more efficient, vaporizers are the “it gift” for this Valentine’s Day.


Not everything to do with marijuana involves using it. You can get jewelry with a marijuana theme and clothes that incorporate marijuana fashion. You can get a handbag that combines style with practicality in carrying cannabis. There are even plenty of T-shirts available for the T-shirt-loving guy in your life, which is approximately 100 percent of all guys.

Travel Package

How about a trip to Colorado – or California, Oregon, Nevada or Washington – for a “weed tour”? This is a high-end gift, but we again point out that “boring” and “Valentine’s Day gift” are not words you want used in the same sentence. All the states listed above offer some type of weed-focused travel packages that include tours of dispensaries, transportation and lodging.

CBD Products

Perhaps your dearly beloved isn’t so beloved of THC. That’s where CBD products come in. They are available in wide variety of products – yes, even chocolates – that are infused with many of the health benefits of cannabis without the resulting high that comes with many of them. These are especially perfect for the active person in your life.

There are even CBD products for pets. We mention this because if you really want to find the key to a person’s heart, do something for their pet. Trust us.

These are some of the cannabis gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make it memorable, especially for a pot lover. Make this the year you go beyond the traditional.

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