Have You Registered for Your Medical Marijuana Identification Card?

There are 1,246,170 legal medical marijuana patients in the United States.  We think.

See, in states like California and Maine, registry in the state’s medical marijuana registration program is voluntary.  The 758,607 medical marijuana patients that account for California in the above figure is actually just an estimation from Marijuana Policy Project.  Actual figures, where available, are collection from states with mandatory registration programs for medical marijuana card holders.

Earlier this week we talked about getting a marijuana recommendation.

In states like California that do not require patient medical marijuana registry, it may still be a good idea and in a patient’s best interest to take the extra step.  Taking the extra step to register also means getting a medical marijuana identification card.  Many dispensaries will accept either a doctor’s rec, like we mentioned before, or will just accept a medical marijuana identification card.

Some patients may be reluctant to register in the medical marijuana database in states like Maine and California where it’s not mandatory, especially if they can get product at their favorite local dispensary by just handing over that rec.

Patient ID cards can prove patients have been prescribed cannabis by a medical professionally, making the medical cannabis on their person safer, legally speaking.  In some instances the medical marijuana identification card can help protect in the event cannabis is questioned by law enforcement.  California’s NORML offers a great resource here on additional information for registration and addressing privacy concerns, stating that “To date, thousands of patient records have fallen into the DEA’s hands in the course of raids on medical cannabis clubs and clinics, but no patient has been arrested as a result.”

What are your thoughts?  Do you keep your medical marijuana ID handy?  Have you registered in a state where registration is voluntary?  Would you if it wasn’t mandatory?