Francis Ford Coppola Releases Limited-Edition Marijuana for the Holidays

Acclaimed writer and director Francis Ford Coppola has entered the marijuana business, becoming the latest celebrity cannabis entrepreneur with the launch of three limited-edition marijuana strains.

All three are available for a limited time during the holidays.

Coppola created a new company, Sána Company LLC, to launch the “cannabis lifestyle” product line. The director of classic films such as “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now” is launching his brand in partnership with Humboldt Brothers, a sustainable farm in California.

The new company is not part of The Family Coppola business known primarily for its wine.

Limited-Edition Marijuana

Coppola is calling his new products the Grower’s Series. Sales just started at the end of November. The products will be available through mid-December. Buyers get the cannabis flower as well as a pipe, rolling papers and matches.

In a statement announcing the new products, Coppola said that both wine and cannabis “are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness.” He added that “location matters” as much with cannabis as growing grapes for wine.

The three limited-edition marijuana strains are:

  • Sour Diesel. A sativa-dominant strain that offers “uplifting cerebral effects”
  • Tangie. A hybrid strain meant to help people “mellow into relaxation”
  • Blue Zkittlez. An indica-dominant strain that is meant to relax the mind and body

Coppola said his intention is to only produce cannabis products that are grown on sustainable farms. The name for the company comes from Sanskrit texts, which – according to the statement – mention cannabis as a sacred plant and use the term “sana” for marijuana.

A Growing List

Coppola is far from alone among celebrity marijuana business owners. Other well-known names to launch marijuana products include the following.

Tommy Chong. Chong, of “Cheech & Chong” fame, has his own brand of marijuana called “Chong’s Choice.” It’s available in Arizona (for medical marijuana) and in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada, where recreational marijuana is legal.

Bob Marley. Marley has been dead since 1981, but his estate – which includes his widow and 11 children – have launched Marley Natural. The brand includes marijuana and other “accessories “such as pipes, trays and glass filters.

Whoopi Goldberg. The comedian and talk show host was in early on the marijuana business, launching the Whoopi and Maya brand of cannabis-related products that focus on pain management and relaxation, especially in connection with women during their menstrual period.

Mike Tyson. He’s building the Tyson Ranch, which will include an experimental cannabis farm and other amenities geared toward marijuana users. He also is shopping a television show starring him and based on his life as a marijuana entrepreneur.

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