How to Host a Cannabis Party

If you’re preparing to host a cannabis party, always keep the senses in mind. This should guide all your choices. Heightened senses, including taste and sound, are part of the experience of marijuana, and you want your party to cater to them.

Relaxation is also a key element. You want your guests to luxuriate in surroundings that are calm, pleasing and fun.

How do you get there with your cannabis party? Consider the following ideas.

Cannabis Party Comfort

Whether you plan to host your soiree on your patio or in your den, it’s easy enough to convert the space into a relaxing atmosphere. Throw a nice rug on your hardwood floor and supply plenty of large, soft pillows. Have plenty of soft blankets available. Large candles that emit pleasing scents (but not too strong) also can create a cozy atmosphere. Make sure the couch is cleared and there are comfortable chairs arranged to encourage conversations.


Now is not the time to break out your collection of heavy metal, hard rock or punk. For the initial couple hours of the cannabis party, plan for relaxing, steady beat music that provides a consistent soundtrack as people partake.  Dinner music should also provide a nice, ambient background. From there, let the evening guide your musical choices.


Dinner should work well with the cannabis strain you’ve decided to use. In most cases, follow your nose. Pick strains with an elevated level of terpenes which create the aroma associated with cannabis. With the number of varieties now available on the market, the pairings are endless. A citrus aroma pairs well with lemon chicken, for example. A woodsier aroma might pair well with small slices of seasoned beef. Keep chocolates available in small dishes at all times for those who will have the inevitable sudden sweet tooth. But don’t neglect the fruit, particularly those with a bold flavor.


Speaking of food, consider offering an arrangement of marijuana edibles for your guests who prefer eating rather than smoking marijuana. The variety in this area is also vast, giving you plenty of choices to suit your guests’ tastes (check in advance, obviously). Cannabis-infused drinks can also be a clever way to start the evening, if your guests are so inclined.

Curate the Experience

As the host, it’s your responsibility to guide the flow of the evening. As with wine parties or craft beer get-togethers, it’s easy enough for the party to run off course. While allowing for the freedom to have the evening’s events guide you, it’s also important to curate the experience. Decide when you will all partake, and how. Right when guests arrive or just before dinner? After dinner when the dishes have been whisked away? Take the time to plan out each step of the evening with the same care in which you picked the music and the food.

Cannabis parties are a fantastic way for friends to gather and enjoy the evening. As the host, it’s your job to provide guests with a relaxing, enjoyable evening. Thanks to the many choices now available, it’s easier to do than ever.

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