How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Let’s acknowledge upfront that this particular topic about how to roll the perfect joint is one of great debate.

Everyone from your older brother to Martha Stewart claims to know how to roll the perfect joint. Or, at least, they probably claim they can do it better than you.

Roll The Perfect Joint

Probably the best way to look at the issue is that while everyone has their own variations to the method, everyone wants the same result: a neat, tightly rolled joint that is perfect for smoking.

So, here are some ideas we wanted to share on rolling the perfect marijuana joint.

Manage Your Weed

Success is 99% preparation. How many times have you seen someone produce a marijuana joint that is lopsided with stems bulging down one side? That’s no way to conduct your business.

Take the time to first pick out all the stems in your cannabis stash. That’s just simple marijuana etiquette. Then, rather than simply pulling it apart with your fingers, grind the marijuana using an actual grinder. If you don’t have one, take the time to cut up the weed with scissors or chop with a sharp knife (liked you would scallions).

It’s not hard and makes an enormous difference. Just don’t grind it too much or it will turn to powder.

The Paper

We’ll assume you bought good rolling papers. Place the glue side at the top. You might want to tear a bit off the bottom, which actor and marijuana aficionado Seth Rogen advises so that you “smoke as little paper as possible.”

Take the paper in one hand and hold it in such a way that it forms a curved funnel like a little taco. The glue end should be the farthest from you. Use your other hand to pour the weed onto the paper. If it spills, that’s cool. It’s easier to roll with more than less.

The Rolling

Now, gently roll the paper back and forth and work the weed into a long cylinder at the bottom of the paper. Once it’s there, fold the bottom half of the paper and tuck it over the weed. Then, roll the paper slowly up until only the glue strip is exposed. Then lick it and press down to seal the joint. Gently twist one end closed.

Ta-da! You just rolled a joint.


In the old days, people didn’t usually put a filter into a joint. Today, many do. That’s smart. You typically can buy cardboard strips to use as filters. These stripes are rolled up tightly and placed into the open end of the joint.

The filter will expand once it’s inside the joint. It helps to keep you from burning yourself when the joint gets down to the “roach” – that last little bit that people used to use a roach clip to smoke.

Other Methods

We were pleased to see Rogen, essentially a master in these areas, takes much the same approach. Others view it differently.

For example, you can buy products that will help you roll a joint. A good example is the one used by Tommy Chong of “Cheech & Chong” fame in this video. It makes the process much easier but takes away some of the fun.

You may also want to pack the weed down into the joint from the open end. A ballpoint pen usually works just fine.

Oh, and make sure it’s legal wherever you are smoking it, of course. That probably goes without saying, but still.

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