Group Names New Rolling Papers After Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The national debate over the legalization of marijuana has taken a turn for the weird. A pro-legalization group has decided to place an unexpected face on a new line of cannabis rolling papers – that of decidedly anti-legalization U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

General Jeff’s Rolling Papers

Sessions has said that “good people don’t use marijuana.” He also has rescinded Obama-era protections that kept the federal government from interfering with states where marijuana is legal. That action plus his anti-cannabis rhetoric has caused many to fear a federal government crackdown on legal marijuana.

Certainly, he’s faced criticism for his stance. But even Sessions probably couldn’t see this coming – packs of rolling papers with his face emblazoned on the cover, a joint hanging out of his mouth.

It’s somehow simultaneously manages to be clever, funny and somewhat disturbing.

Message For Sessions

The group that made the papers, which they are calling General Jeff’s Old Rebel Session Papers, said they did so because they have a message to send to Sessions. Actually, quite a few messages. According to the group’s website, some of the things they want to tell Sessions includes:

  • “We are not criminals, junkies or idiots.”
  • “We’re good, responsible, patriotic Americans. We’re voters from both parties, and no parties.”
  • “We are regular Jeffs all over the USA.”
  • “We are upstanding citizens who don’t want to hide every time we want to enjoy a sesh.”

They also go on to say that “frankly, we’re offended” that Sessions, who is the top law enforcement official in the U.S., has called marijuana users bad people. Here’s the video of Sessions saying that, by the way, in case you missed it the first time.

More information is available on the site and at #JeffSesh.

The rolling papers, which come in two version, each sell for $5.

Nixon-Era Thinking

There’s no word yet from Sessions office or the Justice Department in reaction to the #JeffSesh movement.

Newsweek managed to track down a member of the group selling the papers, although they did not identify the person. The person said the idea for the papers started as a joke but has grown quickly.

They wrote in an email: “Our intent in actually making these papers is to poke a little good-natured fun at our Attorney General, who doesn’t seem to have changed his mind or read any news about cannabis since the Nixon-era.”

The group states on its website that they hope the product will serve as a celebration for how far cannabis law has come at the state level and as a message that legalization should be pushed forward nationally.

However, it appears they both know who they are dealing with and have consulted an attorney. The last line on the webpage says the papers are intended for collectible purposes only and “not for use with any illegal substance.”

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