Marijuana College Classes In Canada

Legalization of marijuana has impacted millions of people. For those who want to use marijuana, of course, it’s been a fantastic few years. Entrepreneurs have also benefited from the many business opportunities the growing industry has to offer. And now, Canadian Marijuana College Classes are giving students an opportunity to learn about marijuana as part of their education.

This has been a trend recently in the United States. As legalization has blossomed, cannabis classes at the college level have sprouted, well, like weeds. But the latest collegiate foray into cannabis is coming from Canada, where the country is set this summer to begin a nationwide legal cannabis industry that is expected to generate billions.

Marijuana College Classes

With recreational marijuana sales expected to start this summer in Canada, colleges have rushed to get cannabis-related classes on the curriculum.

One such course comes from Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, which is now offering a monthly course on medical cannabis fundamentals for business. So many have signed up for the course that it will become a twice-a-month class starting in April. The course costs about $400 for two, seven-hour classes.

Debbie Johnston, dean of the school of continuing education at Durham College, told the Toronto Sun that the courses give students a background in the cannabis industry. She said every course offering was completely booked, with students ranging from business people and investors to healthcare providers and a pharmacist from the U.S.

“We got a farmer. We got a chef,” Johnston said. “And we anticipate that’s going to continue because there’s a huge interest and there’s lots of job opportunities out there.”

Meanwhile, Niagara College in Canada is offering a one-year, two semester course called Commercial Cannabis Production. The marijuana college classes focus on preparing students to work at a senior level in a cannabis production facility, cultivating the marijuana crop.

Marijuana College Classes In The U.S.

While this is new in Canada, collegiate-level classes on marijuana have multiplied in the last few years in the U.S. They include courses from Ohio State University, the University of Washington, the University of Vermont and the University of California, Davis.

Also, Louisiana State University is working with a private company to develop and sell medical marijuana in Louisiana. Production will be handled in an off-campus facility, starting this year. The university is expected to make millions from the enterprise. Students in the university’s LSU AgCenter will get a chance to learn firsthand about medical marijuana cultivation and sale.

What does all this mean? Marijuana, once a black-market item and still illegal at the federal level, continues to go mainstream. With college students now getting the chance to learn about the industry, a new generation of cannabis business, science and legal experts is just around the corner.

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