Marijuana Moms Officially A Thing

For those looking to find proof that marijuana has gone completely mainstream, the search appears to be over. Move over soccer moms, marijuana moms are here to stay.

A host of celebrities, athletes and musicians have come out in favor of marijuana legalization. Jack in the Box put marijuana-themed items on the menu. Television is launching shows about the legalization of weed.

But this? This is something different. This is Moms.

Moms using marijuana.

Marijuana Moms Don’t Wine

“Wine Mom” has been a meme for a long time. As explained here, “wine mom” covers a whole culture where it’s socially acceptable to drink alcohol to relieve stress and not unexpected to sometimes drink a bit too much alcohol.

But in a long article that no doubt will lead to many other similar articles in the media, The Atlantic focused on what people in states where marijuana is legal have known all along: parents use marijuana.

This latest wave about parents and marijuana seems to have gotten its start with an article in High Times. The excellent article highlighted the use of marijuana by Moms for relaxation and to deal with stress, anxiety and postpartum depression.

It is essentially positioned as a much healthier alternative to “prescription drugs and glasses of wine.” People everywhere seem to acknowledge that it’s OK to drink within reason if you’re a Mom, but one woman admitted, “I was drinking a lot—and I’m not a drinker, really. I needed a cocktail every night, and that’s not who I am.”

Enter cannabis. Apparently, this is a story that is repeating itself rapidly in states where marijuana use is legal.

Sublingual Spray

The popularity of cannabis among moms (and, presumably, dads) has grown to the point where a website is now dedicated to the issue. The CEO of cannabis company Papa and Barkley told the Atlantic he’s also seen Facebook pages and parenting-related cannabis workshops pop up in recent months.

One appeal: marijuana is known to help with both depression and nausea.

Many of the most popular uses of marijuana does not involve smoking. They include sublingual spray, edibles and either low-dose products or CBD products that do not cause the “high” feeling. These can include oils, tinctures and drinks.

Popular party planner Katie Partlow with the cannabis event company Little Face plans to throw a cannabis party for moms called the “mommy’s marijuana picnic.”

The cool party planner, the media and bloggers such as The Stoner Mom have spoken. Marijuana Moms is a thing. Now it’s just a matter of picking out the right product.

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