Legal Pot, Economy Stimulant for New Businesses

The ecosystem of marijuana business continues to expand as experienced marijuana cultivators, grow systems, security teams and the like are becoming consultants to those either new to the space or to those looking to take the services of their existing operations across state lines.

Legal Pot: A Boom in the Making for Businesses

One business in particular, Denver Consulting Group, which provides retail, production and cultivation facilities with business solutions, is now accepting new legal pot industry clients in outside its home state.

Illinois, Maryland, California, Washington, and Oregon entrepreneurs interested in a marijuana play may now also be served by the Denver Consulting Group. This business is a prime example of businesses establishing what it believes to be a blueprint for success in the cannabis industry and offering it to others in the space… for a fee.

Denver Consulting Group’s solutions include: revenue improvement, procedure and security plans, compliant log forms, employee handbooks, staff training, location selections, cost analysis, packaging and labeling, bud tender training, metric inventory control, and seed-to-sale implementation and support.

“Unlike other ‘consulting’ companies that are comprised of outsiders and Wall-Street types looking to make a fast buck, our roots are in cannabis,” said Greg Gamet, Co-Founder of Denver Consulting Group. “We own and operate one of the best-known and successful dispensaries in Colorado, as well as several other cannabis-related companies,” he added. “We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk… every day, and we provide this real-world expertise to our consulting clients to help them grow their businesses and improve their operations.”

Process Improvements

Gamet said that the company’s SOP manuals and Employee Handbooks took years to develop, and are easy-to-follow for state application review processes, which may make the group invaluable for those looking to make headway in what’s still very much uncharted territory.

Learn more about the Denver Consulting Group and their track record in the legal marijuana trade here.

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