Pot Sector Employment and a New Dispensary Technician Certification

The creation of an entire new industry means employment where there was none before.  And, while some displeased locals in areas like Oregon and Colorado cite downsides of marijuana dispensaries, particularly those for recreational use, as that smell, the noise and – of course – the stigma, for many there’s a big new upside.

The upside? Jobs. Jobs. And jobs.  For areas and individuals still recovering from economic recession, job creation is very good.

How to Get Started in the Weed Sector

Recall earlier this week our spotlight Greta Carter, Former Citibank Vice President Turned Pot Farmer. Greta Carter is credited with founding The Cannabis Training Institute, which offers online learning in all things weed related.  Training topics range from business policy to patient care to dispensary technician certifications that promote community safety, which may be invaluable for those looking to find employment in the pot sector.

The New Dispensary Technician Certification

Dispensary technician is, perhaps, as critical a job as there is for marijuana dispensary business owners. The Cannabis Training Institute has recently launched a Dispensary Technician Certification Course, one of the first to meet growing government regulations and training requirements for dispensary technicians in states that have legalized medical cannabis. Students who complete the online, on-demand course – and answer at least 80% of the questions correctly on the final exam – receive a CTI Dispensary Technician Certificate.

CTI’s Dispensary Technician Certification course is built on industry best practices, with a focus on professionalism and customer care, according to Luc Nelson, business development director. “Not only does dispensary staff need to know about numerous regulatory and legal aspects related to marijuana sales, but they also must gain fluency in the history, methods of delivery, operational policies and procedures, as well as how to deliver the best customer care and education.”

Nelson added that standardized training, like CTI’s Dispensary Technician Certification course, ensures dispensary technicians know how to answer customers’ questions and that customers get the same answer, no matter which technician they encounter.

“Errors can have consequences, so our course teaches technicians how to manage the nuances of the industry, in addition to learning what to say and what not to say to customers,” explained Nelson.

Nelson added that demand will grow as more states require this type of certification.

“Even in states where dispensary technician certification isn’t yet mandated, this training gives dispensary owners peace of mind that their employees are prepared to offer the best customer service possible.”

You can learn more about CTI’s Dispensary Technician Certification Course here.

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