Spotlight on Greta Carter, Former Citibank Vice President Turned Pot Farmer

Women, it’s been rumored, are well poised to dominate the legal marijuana industry.  One in particular, Ms. Greta Carter of Washington state, now owns what one Newsweek article is calling “one of the biggest and oldest legal recreational marijuana farms in the world.”

Life Gardens is Carter’s cannabis farm.  It’s vision, according to its website, is to cultivate “top shelf cannabis at an affordable price.”  Boasting over 70 strains of marijuana flowers, Life Gardens is positioning itself, admittedly, in the same fashion a new brand of wine might.  Carter’s corporate background has no doubt lent itself well to creating a flagship grow facility and recreational weed product line.

Greta Carter & The Cannabis Training Institute

Greta Carter may also be credited with launching The Cannabis Training Institute, which offers online learning in all things weed related.  Trainings range in specifications from business policy to patient care to dispensary technician certifications that promote community safety.

Carter’s pursuits, including The Cannabis Training Institute, are aggressive for-profit enterprises and openly raising funds and awareness towards the end of what many are calling marijuana prohibition.   She’s a mother of 5.  She’s an expert in marijuana reform and legislation; she contributed to Washington’s Initiative 502.  And she’s our spotlight of the week.

Read more, including how she strategizes for major business decisions, here in her Cannabis Training Institute Advisory Board bio.

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